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Code Ninjas and codeSpark Academy Teach “Coding and Playing Video Games” to Younger Children

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The partnership brings coding tools to learn and create fun-based games

Coding may be the most technically needed computer-related subject but students who can’t relate often find it boring to learn. But this argues with the coding students who like to sit opposite to screen and create something great. Coding becomes more interesting when it makes the ‘use of computers’ more valuable, such as video games. Coding and playing video games will be part of the educational revolution. How? Companies like Code Ninjas and codeSpark Academy are teaming up to explain how it can be possible.

World’s largest and fastest-growing coding franchise, Code Ninjas and award-winning coding platform for young children, codeSpark Academy, have come up with an idea to bring coding education and its benefits to a younger group of learners at Code Ninjas centers through a brand-new program – Code Ninjas JR.

The programming scrolls down to fun-based games

codeSpark Academy’s proven curriculum promises to power the Code Ninjas JR program at select Code Ninjas locations beginning this fall. The program will combine codeSpark’s highly accessible and powerful coding platform with the hands-on activities, guidance, and live interaction available at Code Ninjas locations. The choice where reading skills are not required will allow younger children and those with learning disabilities to gain logic, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. The easy and fun-based programming follows;

  • Popular STEM will be introduced while coding which will benefit students later in life. The program aims to empower children of ages 7-14, teaching them how to code by building their video games in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment.
  • The students will be provided with tools that will help them to create visual-based games, further motivate them for more advanced ones. codeSpark Academy, the most used coding app for kids ages 5-9, turns to program into play with a mix of curriculum-based puzzles, powerful creative tools, and lovable characters called The Foos.
  • Nine-belt curriculum inspired by martial arts, Code Ninjas will keep kids excited and engaged, while parents can see their children gain life-changing STEM skills.

codeSpark Academy co-founder and CEO Grant Hosford, commented, “Code Ninjas shares our vision of making fun and effective computer science education available to all children.”



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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