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CREATE Education

CREATE Education partners with Rolls-Royce to introduce UK’s first Primary 3D Printing Education

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Collaboration aims to provide the bridge between technology and teachers

The CREATE Education Project brings together game-changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds. The CREATE Education project, of UK organization, has announced the launch of its first Primary Education 3D Printing Hub in partnership with Rolls Royce. This collaborative platform is designed to provide FREE resources and support, to help educators to introduce and embed 3D Printing technology in the classroom. These include professional development resources, lesson resources, project ideas, and inspiration. Contributors and community members are provided with a network of people embracing the same passion for sharing and improving access to education.

In order to ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from 3D printing and other exciting technology that can students and teachers use in their project to enhance in technology. This aligned with Rolls Royce’s core values and CREATE Education Project was the result.

Innovative education for students to fill the skill gap

CREATE Education and Rolls Royce placed together a prize package of technology and support that includes 3D printers, software, and curriculum consultation, curriculum CPD together with technical training, plus lifetime curriculum and technical support.

Technology like 3D printing is impacting many key areas whether it’s prototyping in manufacturing, in medicine, scaled models in architecture or the latest trend in fashion. The CREATE Education Project combines open-source sharing principles with the needs of the education community to help drive curriculum development. This new thinking ensures that no child is left behind and that the skills gap is being filled.

Rolls Royce is partnered with CREATE Education after it identified a skills gap in its workforce and wanted to help in developing digital skills within its local catchment area of Derby.

Wyndham Primary Academy, in Derby, is selected as the chosen hub where the technology would be embraced within the school and the wider community in a bid to become a center of excellence for 3D printing in education. This initiative aims to introduce the innovative technologies utilized by many of today’s industries into education.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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