Tips For Dealing With Workplace Harassment

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Experiencing harassment in the workplace can make every working day a tough one. In some cases, you may even begin to feel unsafe. There are some ways for you to deal with workplace harassment, read on for some helpful tips.

Report The Harassment

Regardless of what type of harassment you’re experiencing you should report it. It’s crucial that the unacceptable behaviors go on record.

You should also be aware that is OK to ask for help. Check your employee handbook for details of what to do. Take the first steps to dealing with this behavior by making sure you report it officially.

Make A Note Of Everything

Make a note of any harassment that you experience. Be sure to:

  • Write down what happened
  • Note the dates and times
  • Note where you were
  • Make a note of any witnesses
  • Make a note of who harassed you
  • Write down who you reported it to and how they responded

Having a written record can help your case. When you make a note, try to be as accurate as possible. Keep your records of the harassment at home or somewhere safe. Don’t keep the record at work.

Talk To Your Co-Workers

If others are experiencing harassment, talk to them. Ask them to write everything down.

When multiple people have a record of unacceptable behaviors the case gets bigger.

If you cannot talk to others or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, don’t worry.

When you report the harassment mention you think others are being harassed.

Work Hard

Depending on the type and intensity of the harassment you receive you may get side-tracked at work.

Try not to let the behavior stop you from doing your job. Maintain a record of your performance at work as well as the harassment and any action that’s been taken.

Get Witnesses

If you can, talk with those you work with. Ask them if they have witnessed the harassment. It’s likely that you will find at least one other person who is on your side.

Other people may also be experiencing harassment and be happy you confided in them. The more people who know about the harassment the more people you could have supporting your case.

Ask For Support

Ask for support from family members and friends. Chances are you’re going through a hard time right now. Telling people what’s happening for you can help. Those you tell may:

  • Be able to offer you advice
  • Help you to report the harassment
  • Act as a witness if they work in the same place as you
  • Encourage you to seek legal advice if the situation is bad

It’s perfectly OK to ask for support as many people may empathize with you. Use these tips to help you to deal with harassment in the workplace. Start keeping a record of everything that is said or done to you by the harasser. Finally, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is support out there

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