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Barefoot Student Reshapes Hiring Avenues and Tracks Talents to Fill Recruiting Gap

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75% of 40% U.S. companies looking for permanent full-time employees are facing serious trouble filling their vacancies

America has a history of low levels of optimism and high levels of worry for different job sectors. High levels of income inequality are the modern parameters of discriminative society. America’s job market is facing a unique challenge that cements its forward trajectory – finding new hires. The country’s youth employment crisis is both urban and rural, facing the biggest economic challenge. It’s not because the positions aren’t there or neither a lack of candidates or an unqualified applicant pool.

Though the unemployment rate stretched a decimal up from 3.5% to 3.6% added 128,000 new jobs in October alone, it’s still near a five-decade low. So why is it so hard for employers to find the right hires?

Why “Now Hiring” Isn’t Enough

Holidays are peeking right around the corner and there’s no shortage of open positions on the market. Online job search portals like Monsters and Indeed are littered with posts for new hires, and it seems like those “now hiring” signs are inevitable.

Finding the right talent takes more than just posting an open position. But even with the internet offering more diverse and credible hiring avenues than ever, a majority of companies are still struggling to fill their vacant positions.

In 2018, 74% of employers predicted that recruiting would become even tougher throughout 2019. Sure enough, the ratio of unemployed candidates to job openings decreased to 0.8 this September. With such a low person-to-job ratio, the problem isn’t that qualified candidates don’t exist — it’s how to find the right qualifications to fit the role.

Creativity in Candidate Sourcing: The New Age in Qualified Recruitment

In 2019, 40% of employers are looking for permanent full-time employees, and yet almost 75% of companies have serious trouble filling their vacancies. “Now hiring” sign is not enough because the perfect candidates won’t come – they need to be tracked down.

To improve the position-filling prospects, employers are tracking with creative ways of attracting qualified candidates – including modern methods like social media messaging, texting, improved marketing strategies and even company rebranding to bring in better reviews. Still, 63% of companies fail to bring what needed for the position, which necessitates the need for in-depth on-the-job and outside training.

Companies need to simplify the recruiting and onboarding process rather than complicating it. They can – they are just looking in the wrong place. The candidate-to-vacancy ratio often overlooks one important demographic – students.

Make Qualified Candidate Connections With Barefoot Student

With nearly 4 million college students are about to earn degrees in the 2019-2020 U.S. academic year, the talent pool isn’t as difficult to find as many companies might believe. Not only are students equipped with valuable skills they’ll continue to develop in new positions, but they’re eager to accept offers and less expensive to onboard.

Many companies overlook the potential of recruiting grads or are unsure how to market towards them – but no need to overhaul the recruitment strategy anymore. As the top student-centric recruitment site for universities around the world, Barefoot Student is making valuable connections between employers and the best candidates for their companies.

Barefoot Student collects resumes from recent grads and current students in 195 countries and streamlines the search process and saves HR team time. Employers can post job listings, search for students and interns, and receive a text or email alert on the most promising prospects.