Build Your Future Shipbuilding to Bridge the Skills Gap with Next Generation Professionals

Build Your Future Shipbuilding

Funded by the NSRP, BYF will provide a path from career exploration

Shipbuilding is a profession of building large ocean-riding vessels usually of steel. The shipbuilding industry has changed in recent years – moved from West to the Far East – particularly South Korea and China. With a primary focus to build a human force, Build Your Future Shipbuilding is working to prepare, educate, recruit and inspire the next generation of shipbuilding and ship repair craft professionals.

As the recruitment initiative for the construction industry, Build Your Future Shipbuilding was created in partnership with Build Your Future (BYF) and National Maritime Education Council (NMEC).

Build Your Future Shipbuilding connects students and professionals in the shipbuilding industry to help bridge the skills gap and provide a path from career exploration to education and training, to career launch. With an aging workforce, continued talent shortages, call for a 355-ship navy and need to increase the industry’s workforce by 40% over the next decade, this partnership is dedicated to fulfilling the demand for qualified workers while helping individuals achieve their career goals.

The Build Your Future Shipbuilding initiative is an important collaboration between NMEC and our shipyard partners from across the country,” Tim Johnson, executive director of NMEC said. “Speaking with a standard message and a single voice is critically important in capturing the hearts and minds of the next generation of craft professionals who will build the future of this vital industry.”

Build Your Future Shipbuilding is working to provide a platform for students and jobseekers to learn more about industry career opportunities and available training options. Additionally, with recruitment materials provided for employers, including posters, bookmarks, fliers, and career paths, the initiative serves as a resource hub for the shipbuilding industry.

Exclusively on, new BYF trading cards show various shipbuilding positions and their respective salaries (based on national averages). Complete with job descriptions, education choices, and qualifications, these trading cards are a source of information for those researching the construction industry.

BYF Shipbuilding is supported by NMEC’s membership, NSRP’s Workforce Development Panel and several organizations representing shipyards and educators nationwide. These groups have shown collaborative efforts to improve shipbuilding-related job resources and opportunities.

In addition, while BYF provides resources to any organization, BYF partners have the ability to customize material with their own branding and information, which can contribute greatly to the success of their individual campaigns.