GetSetUp Raises $10 Million to Help Older People Meet Economic and Learning Opportunities

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Older people are vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation, often seen cut off from society, which can have a serious effect on health problems and a person’s growth. But there are ways to help them overcome, even if you live alone and find it hard to get out. GetSetUp , an interactive learning platform for older adults, has raised $10 million in funding dedicated to creating economic and learning opportunities.

This ‘learn to love opportunities’ idea is a result of investment led by ReThink Education, AME Cloud Ventures, and many other consumer internet and health tech investors will help accelerate the continued growth and development of GetSetUp.io, a peer-to-peer social learning platform for older adults.

Driving digital adoption

A time when many social activities have been impacted by COVID-19, GetSetUp.io is offering more than 150 classes on essential life-changing skills, from professional development to technology, health, wellness, and hobbies and casual social hours, taught by trained expert guides holding graduate and master’s degrees in business, music, science, and more.

The platform provides an easy user-interface and makes classes available to members anytime. While it is a simple way for older adults to meet people and engage with others their age, GetSetUp also provides new economic and career opportunities for older re-skilled adults, by providing them with a way to teach from the comfort of their home as a guide.

Combating loneliness and isolation

Nearly one-third of the USA’s aging population experiences loneliness and/or social isolation, which puts them at greater risk for serious physical and mental conditions, such as hypertension, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. One in seven Americans belong to the 65+ age group, and that population will continue to grow to nearly a quarter of the population by 2060.

GetSetUp.io has offered more than 6,000 live sessions since the site launched in early 2020, with more than 3,200 classes all taught by older adults, many of whom are former teachers.

“Through peer-to-peer connection, GetSetUp not only helps older adults avoid loneliness and combat social isolation, both which have, unfortunately, been exacerbated by COVID-19—especially in any community where traditional social programs have been dramatically altered by the pandemic—but give them a way to make money, while meeting and teaching others,” said Lawrence Kosick, Co-founder, GetSetUp.



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