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Six ways satellites contribute to a healthier future

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Satellites helping in daily life

Satellites present in orbit, providing information. The satellite collects data and provides support for global communications, the economy, security and defense, and many more. The advancement in technology is growing the potential of satellites. Not only these big terms, but satellites also have an impact on daily routine.

There are six different ways satellites are making the place better for us.

1. Securing the daily spending

Satellites help you in safe transactions. The most important thing for a common man. In any type of transaction, you make starting from paying for your groceries to heavy stock market transactions. Global navigation satellite systems orbit about 20,000km above the surface of the Earth. The system continuously communicates with phones and computers to tell them precisely where they are and what time it is. We are depended on this precise timing to make sure the transactions are in sync.

2. Protecting Life

Satellite monitors the upcoming disasters. This satellite studies their pattern and saves our life by providing precautionary measures and support from the government in advance.

3. Handling the legal issues

Satellites have reached “no-man,” lands with no government or entity declaring possession over an area of space. As a result, satellites may photograph anywhere on Earth. It gets difficult for aircraft or drones to access another country’s airspace. Most satellites fly close to the Earth, only 300km to 1000km above our heads. It completes a full orbit around it in 90 minutes. The 3,000 satellites overhead make it impossible to hide anything.

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4. The satellite’s eyes are not far from the water

When ships are at sea, only satellites and, of course, other nearby vessels can transmit these signals. Pirates and illegal fishers often do not turn on a signal to avoid detection. Fortunately, using a method known as synthetic aperture radar, high-resolution satellite imaging can detect boats in the dark surrounding sea.

Not only the human being but satellite gather data about the endangered species.

5. Saving the life of Species

Counting animals is a challenging job, made even more difficult by animals that live in isolated areas. Satellite imagery is used. Scientists have also been able to classify and count individual species in photographs captured from space. They use high-resolution satellite data.

6. Satellite exploring space for life

Satellites look into deep space. There are lots of telescopes on Earth used to study our skies. Telescopes are sent into orbit for more information. A clear view is important in our search for other planets. These are the planets orbiting other stars beyond our solar system.

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