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Early Childhood Education

Smartcare Acquires Preschool2me to Benefit Early Childhood Education

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Parents can take better care of their child with Preschool2me software

Early education develops the brain and gives children the world. Parents know well that children learn best when they are given space for creativity. As a result, parents take preschool seriously and spending more time with their children in order to teach them the things they feel they need to learn. SmartcareOS, LLC, as taking a step further, announces its acquisition of Preschool2me to enhance and expand its technology to the early childhood education and childcare market.

Smartcare, a provider of cloud-based software and training for effective childcare center management and financial sustainability, with its acquisition of Preschool2me creates a powerhouse of childcare management software, providing a turnkey solution for every customer.

Smartcare has over 2,000 centers in its portfolio with several large agencies offering shared services programs to providers.

The acquisition simplifies early childhood education

Since it’s founded in 2014, Smartcare created a cohesive childcare center management platform for attendance, billing, payment processing, and parent communication. The addition of the Preschool2me program strengthens Smartcare’s classroom management offering. The collaboration promotes ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ solutions, including:

  • The integrated software system allows childcare facilities to continue using Preschool2me with its outstanding parent engagement tools.
  • It provides a fresh and clear opportunity to link with Smartcare for streamlined operations in a single, efficient, and powerful platform.
  • Parents can access information via an Android or Apple app.
  • Preschool2me emerges Smartcare’s vision of ultimately creating a suite of solutions that addresses the various needs of different users at childcare centers.
  • Not only does Preschool2me deepen Smartcare product offering, but it also brings a healthy client base into our business.

The founder of Preschool2me, Kapil Rajurkar, comments as a win-win situation for both companies, “Preschool2me software has focused on connecting parents and childcare providers through digital daily reports, photos, and messages. Now our partnership with Smartcare will bring us closer to a fully integrated solution for childcare centers.”





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