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The Company offers security solutions to make students’ campus-life safe and secureThe Master Lock Company, the leading name in back-to-school security offers students and parents peace of mind this back-to-school season with trusted security products that protect their most valuable possessions, from elementary school to college level. This way the Company underscores the importance of keeping valuables safe and secure. Last year, the average household amount was spent approx. $685 on back-to-school shopping. In 2018, college spending reached its highest level ever while elementary school spending ranked among the top three in recorded history.Securing valuables with simple security solutionsRecognized as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products, the Master Lock Company provides innovative products to safeguard possessions to any level of schooling, especially students and schools attracted towards higher-value items like laptops, tablets and advanced calculators.The Company offers some products that are recommended security solutions for students at school, on-campus and on-the-go for the 2019 school year, such as:On-campus:
  • Sentry®Safe Digital Security Safe: College students can benefit from the Sentry Safe Digital Security Safe, which is a great security solution for valuables and electronics. Sized to fit most laptops, this offers solid steel construction, a tethering cable to prevent unauthorized removal of the safe and a digital lock with key enabling maximum security and peace-of-mind protection.
  • Master Lock Door Security Bar: The Master Lock Door Security Bar provides an extra layer of security when college students do move into dorms or off-campus residences. Its dual function, adjustable door security bar resists forced entry.
At school & in the gym:
  • Master Lock® Magnification Combination Padlock: The Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock features an optical grade 360-degree magnification lens and a larger font size for easy reading. The magnification lens restricts nearby onlookers with it’s sophisticated of obscures combinations to ensure students’ belongings are safe from intruders.
  • Master Lock Combination Dial Padlock: The most common and widely-used padlock for lockers, Master Lock Combination Dial Padlock offers a reliable, keyless solution. An easy-to-use dial and three-digit combination provide keyless convenience for quick access between classes.
Cris Smyczek, senior product manager, said, “Whether you’re a parent sending your child to grade school or a college student headed to campus this fall, our wide array of security products are designed with students of all ages in mind and highlight our nearly 100 years of expertise in back-to-school security.”


The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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