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8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Code?

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The coding covers a wide range of skills which has real-world benefits. These skills include logic, critical thinking, problem analysis, problem solving and others. All these skills are very important in this era.

Coding can be used as an effective tool to solve problems in this digitized world. It has become a necessity nowadays which is why everyone should learn how to code. Unfortunately, people are still not fully aware of coding and do not know how learning how to code can benefit them.

What is Coding?

Computer programming is referred to as coding and it comprises a set of commands that make the computer perform a particular task. A script is formed via a set of codes whereas a program is formed through dozens of such sets. A set of commands comprises a line of codes which are used to perform a task.

There are a variety of coding languages among which some are used to perform a certain function whereas others are all purpose languages. Popular coding languages include SQL, Python, C, C++, Java etc.

Importance of Coding

A huge amount of industries are dominated by technology now which is why anyone who does not know how to use a computer will not survive in the job market anymore. Just like in old times when computers seemed like a buzzword and now it has become a necessity and eligibility criteria for a job, Coding is soon to become your biggest strength.

It is why big names like Obama and Bill Gates are emphasizing students to learn how to code. They can see the future and how coding will become a necessity. It will be a skill that will make you stand out in this era and the future.

A person who knows how to code will have an advantage in their life skills, learning, career and socialization.

8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code

The importance of learning how to code cannot be emphasized enough which is why we have listed down eight reasons why everyone should learn how to code. Whether you are a student or an employed individual or you are an entrepreneur you can easily take a coding bootcamp and learn how to code.

1. Gives you a New Perspective

Learning a new language always gives a person a new perspective to look at the world. Just like any other language, coding requires you to learn computer languages which have their own grammar and syntactic structure.

When you learn how to code you are learning how to interact with the computer using languages like Python, Javascript and Scratch. It will give you a new kind of literacy which will open up new doors for you.

2. Leads to Software Development Job Opportunities

A basic skill required for a software development job is coding. If you learn how to code, you can get a handsome paying software development job as the world is in shortage of software developers currently.

Not only just software development, but learning coding may lead you to many other job opportunities like PR, content creation, marketing etc. if you are an entrepreneur, learning how to code may help you save money as you won’t have to hire someone from outside. Moreover, you will be eligible for many freelance job opportunities.

3. Fosters creativity

Coding requires individuals to harness their creative skills to develop interactive video games and websites. It is one of the creative skills that will help you deliver interactive works such as video games.

There is nothing more satisfying in the world than seeing people enjoy your creative work. You can get this satisfaction by learning how to code.

4. Improves Logical and Mathematical Skills

When you learn how to code, you also learn computational thinking. It is the procedure of breaking down complex tasks into discrete steps such as conditionals, loops etc so that a computer can easily understand.

Computational thinking is very much like logical thinking in which we break down complex arguments. With effective coding, your math and logic skills both improve immensely.

5. Can let you Pursue your Passion Projects

Coding is an excellent skill to learn if you want to pursue a creative and passionate career path. You can put your tons of ideas to life with coding. By learning how to code you would not have to look anywhere else for a programmer, you will be able to program yourself.

This would save your precious time and money. Moreover, you will be able to change or redesign your idea anytime you want by yourself.

6. Improves Problem-solving Skills

Surprisingly, coding helps in developing and enhancing problem solving skills. As discussed earlier, while you learn how to code, you learn how to break down complicated problems into smaller problems.

This is one of the most important parts of problem solving and students can learn it in the process of learning to code.

7. Enhances Productivity

Coding gives individuals a new perspective on life. People who learn to code are able to do multi tasks of automating. It’s fascinating how it does not take much time and you are able to become more productive and effective at your work.

Coding helps you focus on important things as well as learn new things. The field of computer science and information technology is vast and you can never have explored enough so when you have learned how to code, you can keep practicing and trying to design websites and software.

By learning how to code you can create your own programmes, access files and save time and money both.

8. Boosts Confidence

Learning how to code will help boost your confidence in unexpected ways. The fact that you have a skill that many in your own social circle do not have any idea of will give you a higher self-esteem. Moreover, it will give you an upper hand in the job market.

With the current economic situation, possessing skills which can help you get a good paying job is what everybody needs. Coding will give your resume an enlightenment which would help you get a higher rating in the eyes of the employer.

Moreover, you will be able to clove technical problems which will directly boost your overall confidence.


The above reasons are strong enough to convince you to learn how to code. Coding is one of the most treasurable skills in this era. Gone are the days when we used to rely on computer programmers to handle all tech related things.

Now times have changed and everyone must have the skills and abilities to handle computers and their languages. By learning to code you can direct the computer to perform your desired tasks which is very important for any business person, or individual. Coding skills can help you get a lot of freelance work and other job opportunities which could turn out to be your side income.

There are many coding courses and bootcamps that you can get enrolled in and learn this magical skill.

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