Survive Lockdown: Turn Self-Isolation Into Self-Improvement

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Under the unintended blanket, lockdown imposed by governments is all over the planet. Whether by choice or by law enforcement, you are doing your civic duty by the following self-isolation in your house. Maybe that means you are assigned to work from home, or, in worse cases, it means you are unable to go out for work at all. In fact, the blessed experience called life is itself full of unintended consequences. So, not to worry.

The good news is, the situation has brought a highly unlikely opportunity that has fundamentally arisen our life circumstances. An opportunity to quench all thirsts you have. For most people especially youngsters, they are eager to complete many TV/Web series or a list of movies that they don’t want to skip anymore. But pause yourself and think twice about the precious never-getting-twice time you got. Think about the changes you’ve seen in nature; the air is purer than normal days, the sky is blessed blue, birds started coming to your window, and the yellow sunshine which was probably a dream some weeks back. If nature has taken some decent deep breaths, why couldn’t you? It’s time to be generous to your own life and re-discover yourself.

Here are some ways for you to thrive during the self-isolation period.

Learn a new skill:


To adjust the new normal of staying home, dedicate some time time to developing a new skill like cooking, blogging, or painting. There is plenty of fun and inspiring tutorials available on YouTube and online. Learning something new can actually re-wire your brain.

Get crafty:


Learning something online can be the best thing during this lockdown. So, why not use the extra time to achieve Do It Yourself things like framing holiday photos, making own little garden, decorating the rooms with origami butterflies and lightings, or go through your wardrobe and donate or up-cycle the unwanted clothes.

Plant seeds:


Plants are amazing, right? They lift your mood and have some great health benefits. Studies found that “Keeping ornamental plants in the home or workplace increases memory retention and concentration.” Also, rooms with plants have less dust. It will be fun and peaceful about planting seeds and watching them flourish.

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You don’t need to follow or compete with your friends or siblings. Swap out some screen time and instead fall into the pages of an actual book. This is quite difficult for most but escaping from screen addiction and reading books can make you more creative. Studies have found that reading habit broadens imagining ability.

Learn a new language:


Now, it’s quite surprising to see people like songs or movies of different languages but they fail to delve into the emotions. Learning a new language can turn into a personal and profile-building opportunity for you. So get yourself on Duolingo and start practicing.

Enroll in a course:


You have probably come through several news where many online learning platforms are offering their courses for free. Some may are ones you always wanted to do, so don’t let the opportunity go away without using it. 

Stay connected:


The best way to overcome self-isolation is to avoid getting too isolated. Make time to check your pals every day either through phone calls or even better arrange at least an hour for video calls.

Conclusion: Get a more integrated and conscience sense of purpose

Motorways are largely free of the noise and pollution, and the CO2 level is plunging. Nature has calmed down a little that reminds the peaceful days of childhood. Something is happening. Something unusual. And this is because of the ‘law of unintended consequences.’ It often termed as the universal law that fortunately invited us to join the natural healing process – the right opportunity in the midst of the global crisis. A great opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries and shed our worn-out lifestyles. It’s an opportunity we should not ignore.

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