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the innovative education model

3DE National Bags $2 Million Grant for Offering New Education Model

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The SunTrust Foundation helping more the education model to be practiced around America

The SunTrust Foundation announced a new education model to bolster with a three-year grant worth of $2 million to 3DE National to continue the non-profit’s expansion in metro Atlanta. Moreover, the amount will help to launch 3DE schools outside of Georgia for the first time, facilitating learners with innovative high school models to Florida, Texas and the District of Columbia.

3DE launched at Banneker High School in 2015, which is the highest-poverty and lowest-performing high school in Fulton County School System. The new school model is now practiced in six 3DE schools in four metro Atlanta districts – Atlanta Public Schools, Cobb CountySchool District, Fulton County School System, and Gwinnett CountyPublic Schools. Data and analytics and other evaluations suggest each location helps to cultivate through demonstrating positive outcomes with increased student engagement, academic gains, and development of transferable competencies.

The learning model drives the reality-based learning experience

3DE schools infuse education with real-world experiences supported through corporate partners and experimental design. The creative school model creates a healthy learning environment that empowers students with great knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to unlock further economic opportunities. Data says, the new school model led to a 91% graduation rate, which is representing a 46% increase overall.

The education model shoulders students with innovative solutions to let them break through traditional barriers and participate in the creative and competitive world of learning, such rooms offered as:

  • High school re-engineering: 3DE re-engineering education enables schools to create engaging learning environments that reflect the real world and allows students to unlock and benefit big economic opportunities.
  • Partnerships ensuring transformation: 3DE is the manifestation of strategic partnerships with school systems, Junior Achievement and the business community to bring together the core competencies and resources of each entity to modernize high schools across America.
  • Reconstruct traditional schooling: The most ensured practice, ‘an unmatched network of education and corporate partners are coupled with expertise in experiential design’, to provide parties a structured school with a designed curriculum and developed teacher.

“We are grateful for the continued support of the SunTrust Foundation and their extended partnership as a National Signature Partner of 3DE schools,” said, Jack Harris, president, and CEO of 3DE

The 3DE exposes students to a broad range of careers and industries that build critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communication, and collaboration.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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