Lån Til Traktor – Loans for Tractors

Loans for Tractors If you are a farmer and need a tractor, you will likely need a loan for it. Not many farmers can afford …

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Are farmers fully leveraging the Advancements in Agritech?

The pace of innovation has increased to such an extent that we hear about new technology in the market every day. The demand for faster, …

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Can Urine Evolution be a Booster for Green Revolution?

Can Urine Evolution be a Booster for Green Revolution?

In a recent breakthrough discovery, a group of researchers have found a new solution to combat freshwater scarcity and water pollution for agricultural purposes. The …

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CBD Wholesale Guide

CBD Wholesale Guide — Getting to Know Isolate and Full-Spectrum

Getting into the world of medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol products (Also commonly referred to as CBD products) can be somewhat confusing. Some people don’t actually …

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Marbled Wagyu Beef

Scientists Showcase the World’s First 3D-Printed, Marbled Wagyu Beef

Key Highlights: Scientists from Osaka University created the world’s first 3D-printed Wagyu beef using stem cells isolated from Japanese cattle. The method can be applied …

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High Microbial Fluctuations in Soil emits more Carbon

Key Highlights: A recent modeling study demonstrates how climate change impacts terrestrial carbon cycles. Changes in soil temperature and moisture impact global carbon emissions. Study …

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Environmental Friendly Toy Car

Matchbox launching Environmental Friendly Toy Car

Key Highlights  Matchbox is launching a series of toy cars based on electric vehicles. The first model will be a mini version of the Tesla …

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climate crisis

The Middle Eastern Green Initiative announced to fight ‘the climate crisis’

The crown prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in partnership with other countries of the region discussed a plan-of-action to plant 50 billion trees. …

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agriculture technology

Agriculture Technology market to grow up to $189.48 million

The global market of Blockchain in Agriculture and Food Supply is estimated to grow from 87 million in 2020 to $189.48 million in 2021 at …

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hop shoots

World’s Costliest Crop Cultivated in Bihar

The cultivation of ‘hop-shoots’—the world’s costliest vegetable has started in Bihar’s Aurangabad district on a trial basis. One kilogram of this crop costs about Rs.1 …

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Agricultural research

New Warwick Research Center Promises to Put Farmers at the Heart of Innovation

Agricultural research remains an area of concern as corporates receive a disproportionate attention for research. However, as awareness about farmer’s issues, and their plight as …

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Next Generation of Farmers

Chipotle’s New Accelerator Program to Help Ventures Empower the Next Generation of Farmers

The program will support companies that are working to break down the barriers that stand in the way of young farmers’ success American farming is …

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