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Adrian College: Empowering Athletes to unleash their Full Potential


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The sports industry is experiencing significant growth in recent years. With the increasing popularity of various sports, the demand for professional athletes, coaches, and sports managers is also increasing. To meet this demand, many universities and colleges have started offering programs in sports management, coaching, and sports science. These programs teach students the scientific principles of human movement, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Adrian College is one such eminent institution that has fulfilled this responsibility with cutting-edge athletics programs.

Legacy of 160 Years

Chartered on March 28, 1859, Adrian College has a legacy of more than 160 years. The institution originated at a Wesleyan Methodist theological school and is still connected to the Methodist Church. Following the legacy of excellent education, the college has doubled its enrollment over the last 18 years. It not only raised the academic profile of incoming students in every important benchmark category but also doubled its endowment and invested over $100 million in infrastructure.

Adrian College is committed to building the “College of the Future” and delivering a comprehensive liberal arts education that allows students to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. With the motto “No Victory, Without Work,” the institution proudly believes that its students are the epitome of hard work. It teaches students about growth, hard work, and determination. It also claims, “Our role as an institution is to instill those values in our students so that they can be better people, personally and professionally.”

Programs Designed for Professionals Athletes

In 2006, Adrian College sponsored 16 athletic programs and added various sports teams to its campus. The college offers professional certifications, undergraduate degrees, and Master’s degree programs in a wide range of sports. Its Athletic Department has a full athletic training staff along with a team of doctors that assists teams at the NCAA and club levels. The college also employs a full-time strength and conditioning coach who oversees team and individual workouts. As of today, it is home to 49 athletic teams in men’s and women’s sports such as:

  • Men’s and women’s basketball
  • Football
  • Seven men’s and women’s hockey teams
  • Synchronized skating
  • Figure skating
  • Men’s and women’s soccer
  • Men’s and women’s tennis
  • Men’s and women’s golf
  • Men’s and women’s rugby
  • Men’s and women’s wrestling
  • Men’s and women’s cross country
  • Men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track and field
  • NCAA baseball and softball
  • Club baseball and club softball
  • Men’s and women’s volleyball
  • Men’s and women’s rowing
  • Men’s and women’s bowling
  • Bass Fishing
  • Men’s and women’s lacrosse
  • Cheer, dance, equestrian, cornhole, acrobatics, and tumbling
  • eSports

To support such a wide range of athletics programs and teams, the college offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure such as a fitness center, on-campus ice rink, outdoor track, 10 tennis courts, a fully turfed baseball stadium, a turf football field, an on-campus Softball field, an eSports computer lab, and an indoor golf simulator.

Key Initiatives for Career Development

Along with excellent academic programs in sports, Adrian College has a variety of internship opportunities to put students on the right track toward a career in sports. The college provides work-study opportunities for students within the Athletic Department and athletic facilities. It has ten institutes that add a new dimension to the curriculum. Each institute strives to supplement the existing curriculum in meaningful ways like hosting lectures, running workshops, internships, and career counseling. It also has 45 student-led organizations, such as Greek Life, multicultural programs, and other student activities.

Incorporating Cutting-edge Technology

Technology plays a major role in sports by enhancing performance, improving safety, and providing insights to improve the game. Adrian College continues to utilize technological advancements to protect the health of our students by housing 9 automated external defibrillators around campus and specifically within the sports facilities.

  • The college launched ‘Adrian College TV,’ for live streaming of all home athletic events on campus. It is a student-run organization.
  • It features an indoor golf simulator with the FlightScope program.
  • Teams use ‘Hudl’ for video analysis of multiple sports.
  • Teams have access to various statistical analytical programs, including VolleyMetrics, NCAA Genius Live Stats, InStat, 6-4-3 Charts, Rapsodo, etc.

Invites to Excel in Sports

In addition to various outstanding academic programs, Adrian College has also taken key initiatives for the careers of students.

  • Ice Hockey: The college provides professional hockey career opportunities for both men and women players.
  • Athletic Training and Sports Management: It offers on-campus graduate programs for Master’s degrees in Athletic Training and Sports Management. Athletic Training students work with athletes on a daily basis in practice, games, and injury prevention. Sports Management students have taken trips to the NCAA DI Football Championship, NHL All-Star Game, and the Super Bowl to gain experience through volunteer efforts. 
  • Baseball: The college has five alumni playing minor league baseball including two at the Triple-A level.
  • Wrestling: In women’s wrestling, athletes of Adrian College qualified for the Olympic trials.

Embracing Diversity

Adrian College supports diversity and inclusion. The college has a number of international students and staff members. It also has athletes from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, it actively celebrates National Girls and Women in Sports Day and participates in the annual NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Week social media campaigns.

Additionally, the college is growing its student groups, including Safe Place, Brothers in Action, The Majority-Minority, SAAB, ALPHA, The AC Culture Club, and the Multicultural Program Peer Mentoring Project. These groups help bring diversity and support to the campus community.

Participations and Achievements

Adrian College as well as its students are very dedicated to sports and they proved their commitment by continuing during COVID-19 with testing procedures in place. The college tested athletes multiple times a week to keep playing. The institution was one of four DIII football programs that played in the fall of 2020. Its basketball team was one of the few to compete against Division I opponents in the first semester. Over the years, the institution won numerous championships in club sports over the years.

  • First NCAA National Championship in 2022 in Men’s ice hockey.
  • Seven national championships in club sports including five in ACHA Hockey, Bass Fishing, and Club Baseball.
  • Multiple conference championships including a 13-year run for NCAA baseball.
  • Women’s Golf MIAA Championship in 2021.
  • Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship in 2020.
  • Men’s Wrestling MIAA Championship in 2022-23.
  • Men’s Rugby National Runner-Up in 2021
  • Appearance in College Cornhole National Championship on ESPN during the team’s inaugural season

College of the Future

With the best curricula in sports, dedicated students, and excellent career opportunities, Adrian College has received numerous recognitions. In the most recent U.S. News and World Report, the college ranks among the ‘Best Online Programs.’ It is appreciated in areas such as value, experience, innovation, and undergraduate teaching.

Adrian College has recently ranked in the categories of “Best in value,” “first-year experience,” “most innovative” and “best in undergraduate teaching” in the 2023 U.S. News and World Report Rankings. The College offers 10 institutes that add an additional layer to the course of study. Whether hosting lectures, running workshops, identifying internships, or offering career counseling, each institute strives to supplement the existing curricula in meaningful ways. We offer 45 student-led organizations including Greek life, multicultural programs, and other student activities.

At Adrian College, we are proud to offer a variety of Masters’s programs and Graduate level certificates. With tuition as low as $600 per credit hour, and flexible program offerings. The Master’s programs also provide 3+2 and 4+1 options where current Adrian College undergraduates can apply, be provisionally accepted, and start taking classes towards a master’s program, as long as they have room in their schedule before they receive their bachelor’s degree.

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