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Air Dream College: Creating Aviation Super Heroes with Unique Learning Systems


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The air transport industry is important for global socio-economic growth and serves as a catalyst for economic development. It not only creates direct/indirect employment and supports tourism and local businesses but also stimulates foreign investment and international trade. With the commercial aviation traffic demand gaining fame after the pandemic, student pilots will have a great opportunity to fill the vacancies created by personal reforms and fleet growth.

To support this restructuring of the industry, many institutes have started creating batches of accomplished pilots with outstanding education in aviation. With strategically designed programs and an aim to provide continuous and personalized experiences, Air Dream College has become a distinguished choice for students in Portugal.

Fly-high Inception

With the vision to be recognized as “The School” with unique conditions and tools for students to maximize their capabilities, Air Dream College was established in 2019. The college holds a goal for students to become professionals of excellence and capable of making the best decisions despite adverse situations. It inculcates values like innovation, quality, rigor, responsibility, excellence, and originality, as well as capacity and suitability, flexibility, competence, diversity, and ecology in students for a better future. 

Creative Programs

Playing an important role in the aeronautical training market, Air Dream College provides a plethora of aviation programs. Currently, the college has three courses—Private Pilot License, Modular ATPL (A), and The Flight Operations Officer / Dispatch Officer (FOO / DO).

  • Private Pilot License (PPL): It is designed to train a pilot applicant for an aircraft license. This course aims to teach students how to fly aircraft safely and proficiently in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) adhering to the Visual Flight Rules (VFR). A PPL license holder can serve as Pilot Commander (PIC) or co-pilot in non-commercial aircrafts or Touring Motor Gliders without remuneration.
  • Modular Airline Transport Pilot License (MATPL): It is a popular choice for students as it allows enrollment for those who do not wish to leave their current part-time or full-time study or employment. Students opting for this program must complete nine main modules to become an airline pilot including PPL(A), Night Rating (NR), ATPL Theory (Ground School), Hour Building, Instrument Rating (SEP+PBN),  Multi-Engine Rating (MEP), Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT), Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)), and Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC).
  • The Flight Operations Officer / Dispatch Officer (FOO / DO): The holder of the license is allowed to dispatch flights, after analyzing all relevant operational information about the safe conduct of the flight. The main goal of these professionals is to ensure that the trip is carried out in the best possible safety conditions.

Adapting to the changing market demands, the college has increased the course flight hours to allow for easier entry into an airline. In the case of academic programs, it usually opens three classes of ATPL (A) and two classes of Flight Operation Officer per year. Moreover, a maximum of 12 students are allowed in the class as this method ensures better school performance as well as promotes proximity between students and trainers.

Brilliant Educational Strategies

The growing sector of aviation needs responsible, efficient, and highly qualified professionals. To create an accomplished batch of new pilots having dedication, passion, and self-motivation, Air Dream College follows principles of innovation, rigor, and quality. These principles are fundamental for the correct exercise of an aviation professional in a highly competitive and technological market. The college stands out differently due to its distinct ways of delivering education. It is the first and only school in Europe to follow the B-learning system that includes distance learning.

To carry out unique strategies, the college brings out a team of permanent instructors, with excellent technical and pedagogical skills. It believes in personalized training and constant monitoring of each student that give space to greater proximity and interactivity between trainer and students. Having a limited number of students enables the college to have greater flexibility in scheduling classes, which in turn, is beneficial for them to complete the course in the allotted time. Considering the selection of locations with privileged atmospheric conditions, the college has strategically chosen the city of Évora.

Additionally, the college provides students with more real flight hours and new aircrafts with the latest technology that give better skill and proficiency to the pilot. To assimilate theoretical subjects and other technical aspects, practical learning is provided in glider flights, in cooperation with the Center for Free Flight of Montemor-o-Novo. The modular system offers excellent and error-free learning.

Engagement with Glider Experience     

Apart from the best academic courses, Air Dream College caters to student engagement by arranging extra-curricular activities. Moreover, the college promotes Glider Experience as the main activity that gives a boost of motivation. This is usually carried out during the theory phase allowing students to understand how the glider flies along with theoretical studies.  

Maintaining Diversity and Inclusion

Air Dream College aims to be an inclusive campus from all aspects of the world. The college website has a social letter that promotes equality and includes everyone regardless of color, skin, sexual preferences, identity, or any other aspect. Moreover, the college welcomes international students from a variety of countries and backgrounds. All the students are treated equally regarding opportunities as well and they undergo a custom follow-up by the professor according to each student’s needs.

Pursuing Excellent Careers

The three courses offered by Air Dream College provide students with better opportunities for their successful careers. After pursuing ATPL Licence, students can start as the First Officer and further get promoted to Captain or instructor. A PPL license is actually not a career option as it is only for persons intending to be weekend pilots. After the Flight operation officer/dispatcher course, students can get an essential role to dispatch all the flights. It also promotes to the next level of serving as a Team Leader.

Note to the Students:

Note to the Students:

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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