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Algebra University College: Cultivating Next Gen Tech-geeks of the Future

Algebra University College

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The digital revolution has completely transformed the media and communications industry over the past few decades. It has also changed the way organizations approach their core business, from creating products and services, managing customers, to sales and marketing. Digital platforms have introduced new ways of communication with end customers allowing companies to tailor products and services to customer’s needs in a more agile manner.

Although technology is imperative to business success today, it is nothing without the people who understand and develop it. Cultivating the tech-geeks of the future, Algebra University College offers modern and up-to-date study programs in Design and Digital marketing that help them become a part of a digitally-transformed world. The university strives to acquaint its students with the importance of technology in today’s business environment, as well as teach them how to manage people that use this technology.

A Robust Institution

Algebra University College was established in 2007 as a private, not-for-profit educational institution by the Algebra Education Group—the largest national provider of adult and lifelong learning. Soon, it became recognized as a part of the official higher education system of the Republic of Croatia. Presently, Algebra is ranked first in the Republic of Croatia in respect to the overall quality of the programs and institution, according to the National Agency for Science and Higher Education for Quality Assurance System. It also was the best educational organization in the world among 3200 organizations as evaluated by Microsoft in 2014.

Algebra is a co-founder of the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) which was recognized as the winner of 2020 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year. Moreover, it is the only institution in Croatia that has met the quality requirements of the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVAO. Besides, MIT chose Croatia and Algebra to co-organize the first European MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Croatia in 2020—which was postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.

Applied Digital Study Programs

Algebra offers a plethora of modern and applied digital study programs. After two years of intensive preparations and initial accreditation, in January 2015, the university received its initial accreditation to start the new undergraduate and graduate study programs in digital marketing—the first of its kind in that part of Europe.

The bachelor’s programs offered by the university include—Software Engineering, System Engineering, Multimedia Computing, Digital Marketing, Visual Communications Design, and 3D Modeling. It also offers Master’s programs such as Software Engineering, System Engineering, Game Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Design & Communications Management, MBA, and e-Leadership.

Constant Academic Improvements

Algebra organizes several activities for its students, teachers, employees, as well as international students and experts who share its values and mission. Through these activities, the university aims to provide its students with high-quality education and improvement, as well as the wellbeing of the wider social community. The university is continuously monitoring technological developments as well as the real needs of employers, which has resulted in academic program improvements.

Recognizing the advancements in education worldwide, Algebra was the first institution in Croatia to apply a modern qualification framework approach in the design of its study programs. Teachers at the university ensure students reach their full academic potential by holding regular consultation hours as well as remaining available for individual sessions to all students that need further assistance with the topics covered in class or express a desire to learn more.

Lucrative Career Opportunities

The Career Center at the university emphasizes building a career for every student or alumni. Students seeking employment during studies or Algebra’s recent graduates seeking a transition from education to a labor market are aided by the Career Center as the initial point of contact between students, Algebra, and potential employers. Algebra’s staff guides students as they explore and further understand their career options, gain valuable experience, and develop as professionals.

The Career Center is available from the moment a student considers studying at Algebra and even after completing it. While studying at Algebra, the Career Center has an advisory role for all areas of the students’ needs—learning aids and support, expert psychological assistance, supplementary and additional teaching, planning and realization of professional practices, career counseling and counseling on further academic development, employment assistance, and development of additional skills.

Blending Academics and Extracurricular

Algebra’s students have lectures and laboratory experiences at the university several times a week in the morning and afternoon. Since its numerous master level students wish to combine studying and working, the university has adopted the schedule to give students more free time during the regular working hours. The university places considerable emphasis on creating a balanced student life.

At the PE class, students often practice outside. For instance, they go jogging by a lake or hiking in nearby mountains. During their study time, students can study at the library or use all necessary equipment on the university premises. Algebra has also developed a Buddy Program which offers students a variety of extracurricular activities—such as field trips, museum hopping, pub crawls, movie nights, and international cooking contests—while at the same time connecting them to their peers from all around the world.

Rising above the Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us many challenges; however, these circumstances have also shown us once again that humanity and togetherness guide the way towards a brighter tomorrow, even in the most difficult situations,” states Mislav Balkovic (Dean at Algebra University College). The university has been adapting to epidemiological measures daily. Mislav mentions that the primary concern for the university is to provide its students with the maximum quality in teaching—regardless of the method of conduct. To preserve the highest quality, Algebra introduced online lectures via online educational platforms and organized onsite labs for students under strictly controlled epidemiological conditions.

Furthermore, the university made sure to remain available to its students at all times with an open invitation to contact regarding all possible difficulties or challenges they may encounter. The Student Office and Student Counseling Center, alongside Algebra’s Vice Dean for students and the rest of the staff, are ready to help students at all times to make sure their mental health is observed and addressed accurately. Approaching the post-covid era, the university is vigilant and is prepared to offer students the possibility to attend hybrid teaching in order to protect the wellbeing of students as well as teaching staff.

Anticipations for the Future

As the world gradually returning with accepting all the changes happening around, Mislav expects that 2021 will give fresh wind to students’ interests, whether this is as part of the Erasmus+program, study abroad, or short Winter and Summer School programs. Heeding this, Algebra University College is working on developing new program options for its students and refreshing its existing ones.

Additionally, as both students and lecturers have become accustomed to the hybrid mode of teaching, Mislav anticipates that 2021 will bring more flexibility in this area. Students will be able to choose how they attend lectures so that it best suits their circumstances and provides them with a top-quality study experience tailored to their needs. “Overall, we expect more international students and the end of the pandemic,” concludes Mislav.

Algebra University College

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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