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American International Theism University

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In the past few years, the concept of traditional education has changed radically. Physical presence in classrooms is not the only option for learning anymore, as students can easily access quality education via latest technologies as well as the internet.  With the pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital learning, online learning and education platforms have become a reliable choice for teachers as well as students. Besides, online learning also enables a plethora of competitive advantages to the students, like flexibility, learning pace, and much more, that suits everyone’s requirements.

Today, there are several institutions worldwide that offer students the flexibility of choosing education programs that best serve their latest learning needs. An illustrious instance of a profound education institute is the American International Theism University (AITU).  With a vision to become a worldwide acknowledged university, AITU strives to provide quality education that promotes continuous improvement in education, professional practices, and community developments. The university seeks to provide higher education, based on solid academic knowledge and practical experience, to help students readily apply acquired knowledge and skills in today’s global, complex and challenging world.

Creating Unique Education Culture

Established in 2010, AITU is a religious institution located in Florida and meets the requirements found in various sections of the law. The university is recognized as an educational destination that provides quality onsite and online learning environment. It seeks to provide higher education that is based on a solid academic knowledge base and practical experience that helps students to readily apply acquired knowledge and skills in the present global, complex and challenging world.

The university aims to create a culture that maintains a unique teaching experience throughout all schools. It also seeks to create an environment that supports quality education standards. In addition to offering quality and comprehensive education, AITU creates and maintains processes, procedures and regulations that support its mission and vision. The university aspires to become a worldwide acknowledged university that provides quality education that promotes continuous improvement in education, professional practices and community development.

It also seeks to provide essential and purposeful studies that allow our students to grow and learn in a valuable way. Its programs aid students in the development of their personal and professional goals.

Qualitative Study Programs

AITU provides a unique range of education programs such as Islamic Studies, Islamic Finance and Banking, Grief Counseling, Education and Business. The university caters to graduate as well as post-graduate students who are seeking Masters and Doctorate degrees.

For students seeking a Master’s degree, AITU offers the following programs:

  • Master in Islamic Studies
  • Master in Islamic Finance and Banking
  • Master in Grief Counseling
  • Master in Education
  • Master in Business Administration

Similarly, students seeking to pursue Doctorate degrees can choose from the following programs offered by AITU:

  • Doctorate in Islamic Studies
  • Doctorate in Islamic Finance and Banking
  • Doctorate in Grief Counseling
  • Doctorate in Education
  • Doctorate in Business Administration

Student-centric Approach

Moreover, AITU is highly student-centered and considers its students to be at the center of the educational process. Consequently, the university stands for active learning where students are always encouraged to participate in online and classroom discussions with an eye on developing core lifelong values such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and many more.

In addition, AITU highly emphasizes on being flexible with its education programs and learning processes in order to cater to the evolving and unique education requirements of every student. The classes are available 24 hours to students and the study programs are convenient, especially for working students who can study at any time from anywhere in the world. Moreover, students can apply their learned experiences on the job after their graduation is complete. In case there is a requirement for additional assistance in the future, AITU’s highly specialized faculty are constantly accessible to graduates.

AITU offers plentiful advantages that students require to succeed in their studies. Students can log into their respective classes, interact with other students, communicate with their professors, and leverage other aspects of online learning. Moreover, they can watch previous lectures/classes, submit their assignments, read their books and do much more. It also offers features such as required books, syllabus, video aids, education resources, experience, and much more for the significant academic growth of its students.

Guided by Professional Educators

Besides providing comprehensive and quality education, AITU also relies on its faculty members who come from highly professional backgrounds and possess profuse educational expertise in their respective fields of interest. The faculty at AITU focuses on core competencies that are needed by students and employers.

The members are chosen based on their robust academic foundation, learning base, and commonsense experience. They exhibit an impressive balance between educational research and real-world experiences, which help the students grow and learn from every course.In addition, the faculty and staff strive to maintain the highest degree of professionalism while providing a personalized approach to help each student become successful in their chosen career path.

A Recognized Educational Hub

AITU stands out as a unique and distinct choice for students in the education sphere. The university differentiates itself from other schools with its exclusive education programs and learning methods. It is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

The university is also recognized by UKVI in UK and is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group. Additionally, it is also accredited by American Accreditation Association (AAA) and approved by the Department of Education Commission on Independent Education, Section 1005.06, to award Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Programs.

Fostering Educational Standards of Excellence

As a destination for quality education, AITU commits to satisfying a number of core values that reflect unique educational standards of excellence. The university harbors unique academic standards. It provides affordable and cost-effective higher education services without compromising educational quality standards.  Every activity organized by the university is entirely based on team efforts. AITU uses a cutting-edge Learning Management System, where students can sign into their classrooms at their leisure, participate in classroom discussions and mixed media introductions, and access the AITU online library. Therefore, it ensures students can earn their degrees at a reasonable cost without going into debt.

AITU firmly believes that collaboration multiplies contribution. It is through the university’s shared goals and mutual support, AITU can take its processes to higher levels of success and enable its students to receive a quality education in a unique and special way.  According to AITU, trust and care should be present among all stakeholders in all aspects of its activities in order to achieve effective collaboration.

Advanced Learning Facilities

AITU uses a cutting-edge learning management system, where students can sign into their classrooms at their leisure, participate in classroom discussions and mixed media introductions, and access the AITU online library. The programs are designed in a way that enables students to earn their degrees at a reasonable cost without any financial burdens.

AITU’s advanced programs make it easier for students to apply their gained experience in their respective career fields. In case any student requires additional assistance in the future, the university’s highly specialized faculty is always accessible to the graduates.

Note to the Students:

American International Theism University
American International Theism University
American International Theism University

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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