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AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics introduces AI-controlled sortation to improve recycling

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Key Points:

  • AMP Robotics has launched an AI-powered material characterization software solution to improve recycling
  • AMP Clarity is a software-service solution accessible through an online web portal
  • The company raised $55 million to improve its waste-reducing mission

Solving waste problems

AMP Robotics has presented an AI-powered sortation technology that enables the recognition and classification of recyclables as it flows through different recovery stages of the recycling process.

AMP’s new software, AMP Clarity, captures information on mixed plastics like PET, LDPE, PP, LDPE, and PS, aluminum recyclables like used beverage cans, and fiber, like corrugated cardboard, and sorted residential paper and newsprint.

AMP Clarity is a software-service solution accessible through an online web portal. Clarity is made conceivable through AMP’s arrangement of equipment frameworks including the AMP Cortex sorting system and the company’s newly released AMP Vision system.

The AMP Vision system is an independent modular enclosure that can be dropped into a facility’s current operation for specific data collection from residual, quality control, paper, container, and audit lines. Clarity can fill in as a QC application for other processing gears like optical sorters or eddy currents to recognize the recyclables that may have slipped by for capture later in the operation. Clarity could also be placed before the final material quality processing stage in order to distinguish impurities before plastics, aluminum, or paper are baled for resale.

Origin of the Idea

Matanya Horowitz, founder, and CEO of Denver-based Amp Robotics Corp. got his big recycling idea after visiting a materials recovery facility (MRF)—the destination for residential and commercial recyclables—and learned not only how demanding work conditions are, but how inefficient the process can be.

Established in 2015, AMP Robotics has raised $74.5 million in disclosed funding, including $55 million from a Series B that included high-profile investment firm Sequoia Capital and Google’s VC arm.

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