Aplic.io Transforms Application Process for Better Post-Secondary Programs

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With its beta students now can access education and scholarships in 30 countries


Every student dreams to stay ahead and work the way to the best college possible. Technology has been playing its crucial role in empowering students with credible information about desired colleges and beneficial curriculums. However, they still lack the specific insights of colleges that eventually lead them to be placed in the wrong colleges. Aplic.io, a global degree enrollment, and student employment marketplace, announced the launch of a second phase of the platform which will allow students from all over the world to search and apply to universities and colleges in 30+ countries and major scholarships.

Aplic.io is a new milestone in access to global education. Student-centric and technology-driven Aplic.io is a global student ecosystem connecting students with schools, scholarships and service providers on their way to study abroad. There are more than 35000 post-secondary programs available on the platform to apply with one single application.

Founded in May 2018, Aplic.io currently has users from 23 countries of the world, where students from Canada and the USA are in TOP-3 source countries as more and more Canadian and American students looking for study abroad experience. Since its alpha launch in May 2019 Alplic.io has managed to sign up over 700+ education institutions and service providers to its platform to help students across the world get better access to global education opportunities.

We are transforming the way students find post-secondary programs around the globe, apply for admission and present themselves to admissions offices at schools. We aim to transform the application process for students by making it more personalized so the school will be able to see a person behind academic transcripts if they want to.” – says Inna Bogdanova, Founder and CEO of Aplic.io

Aplic.io’s benefit from another side is where the admissions office at education institutions are able to seek out students whose academic record and interests line up with their goals and target student profile. This functionality can save admissions office hours of finding students whose qualities and skillsets don’t necessarily fit the numbers, which in turn helps to bolster the diversity of an institution’s student body. Completed Student Profile at Aplic.io matches students with programs and schools based on their English language proficiency, academic performance and personal preferences such as sports activities at campus, social clubs. Major scholarships, covering at 25% of tuition, are also there on Aplic.io, students using Application Manager can apply for multiple programs and scholarships with couple clicks using the one single Student Profile.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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