Artemis Mission bring changes to space solutions

Will Artemis Mission bring changes to space solutions?

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Space exploration and inventions have expanded the visions of many scientists and technologists. Numerous space agencies in the world have launched advanced missions and collected a big amount of data for future inventions. The US Space Agency–NASA has been putting efforts to find out the space wonders by investing huge capital in space programs.

NASA has always invested a lot of money in space development programs in the past.  However, its SLS program is considered to be an extremely costly project with a $17B investment. Almost after 12 years when the news was first announced, NASA is set to launch its massive Space Launch System (SLS) with the help of Orion spacecraft. The super heavy-lift rocket and Orion spacecraft will be deployed on the launch pad at Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre.

Artemis: Mission to discover the Moon

NASA’s Artemis program sets goals to land on the moon again for exploring and contributing to more scientific discoveries. It will invest around $93B in the Artemis Moon mission. A full-proof, strategic plan includes the building of an Artemis base camp on the surface as well as a gateway for astronauts and robots to explore. Artemis 1 program includes an Orion spacecraft, space launch systems, gateways, human landing systems, and space camps.

Future of the Artemis

NASA has started the final dress rehearsal and it will send the SLS to the moon. The rehearsals include the launching of Orion spacecraft on a 26-days mission. Artemis 1 is the first test flight of NASA’s new Space launch system. If Artemis 1 and Artemis 2(Landing astronauts in the orbits of the moon) become successful and enter the orbits of the moon by 2023, Artemis 3 will be launched and it includes descending on the moon with the help of a private vehicle built by SpaceX.

NASA’s first mission to the moon- Apollo 11 brought significant changes in space research development. It brought samples from another planetary body that helped them to study the moon. If this mission becomes successful NASA will send the first female astronomer on the moon by the end of 2024. Extending the moon missions will contribute to new inventions. It will boost the preparations for programs such as Mars missions, Masten mission 1, Juno, DART, etc. With the success of Artemis 3, America will mark a new level in global space innovations and re-establish lunar exploration.

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