Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Future or Extinction of Mankind

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence is the cognitive ability of the machine to understand its environment and successfully communicate with it. Let me rephrase that, machines will be able to do what we can in the future, not that they are not doing it already. But it will be more refined, the AI right now is taking baby steps, it will take some time to reach puberty and then adulthood.

The paranoia of the machines taking over the world

Machines are coming to take over, run, hide, and call Sarah Corner! I am just kidding; we are not getting overrun by machines, at least for now. Why people are so scared of machines getting intelligent every day, is it because unintelligent, programmable bots already have taken our jobs or is it an issue of pride? How can they become better, they are beneath us. We are the superior species of this planet, nobody is smarter than us. Yes, I said it we are the Alphas; we run the show around here. These tin cans cannot replace us, not in a million years.

It might not take that long actually, but how logical is this technophobia? We invented machines to make our job easier, and we succeeded in it quite brilliantly. But we didn’t stop there, we do not want to keep commanding it to do our job, we want it to do our job by itself. So comes the next step, give it the power of thinking, it will figure out all our needs feed us, put us in the bed, tuck us in and take over the world.

Sorry about that, I got a little carried away there. But it really scares me to think about the possibilities that these nearly indestructible artificial beings can do with the power of cognition. Does AI will able to empathize, understand the deeper emotion and react accordingly or we are creating the monster of Frankenstein.

Machines free up our time and brain for higher purposes

Let’s just don’t freak out yet, calm down and talk the positives that machines had bought in our lives, they literally made the journey smoother for us. Imagine if there were no machines we have to walk to the grocery store, talk to the boring store manager and carry back the bag by ourselves. This is a very hectic job and it is 2019 nobody does that anymore, just order it on Amazon. Life is so good; I can’t imagine living without my gadgets, smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses. I hope they make smart shoes someday because I don’t like to walk. These machines save so much time for us, the time which we can spend in other productive works like playing and winning the Fortnite world cup or watching a hot dog eating contest on TV.

These machines are lifesavers, for real. The power in man’s hand only bought destruction. The atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and most obnoxious one photobomb, whatever good out there we were able to bomb it. So it is wise to give control in the hands of those who can do it better. Give the steering wheel, because we got the habit of crashing while our eyes are wide open, give the hammer because we keep nailing our thumb instead of the nail and give the guns because we keep shooting our foot with it again and again.

I don’t know what is more dangerous AI or decreasing level of intelligence in us. The millennial generation has done nothing significant to date. AI taking over the planet is the idea right out of sci-fi novels and a bit far-fetched. As long as we are in control just try to make it better, so that the next generation at least have a planet which can be taken over by machines to make their life better.

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