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Audio Visual Classroom Expert Highlights AV Industry Jobs for Millennial

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ICVi discusses entry-level jobs for students seeking technical career paths

Looking into prospective careers after graduation, students often deal with the nerve-wracking experience. Browsing industries, positions, roles, and responsibilities quickly become significant during the job search process and the pressure is even higher when seeking an entry-level position. For students who have shrunk down their industry preference to the AV industry, there are a lot of career opportunities in the job market. AV industry jobs are the future workspace for many upcoming graduates, according to their respective professionals. Audiovisual classroom expert, IVCi, highlights various career paths for students pursuing the AV industry jobs.

AV Project Manager

The responsibilities of an audiovisual project manager revolve around the supervision of all the AV projects on site. The duties of an AV project manager include handling contracting, in-house activity coordination, managing project schedules, inspecting installation work, and monitoring project communication and resources.

To become an AV project manager, candidates should learn over solid project management skills, along with familiarity in the AV industry. Clear communication and time-management skills are also good tools to help one enter this career path.

Room Engineer/Designer

Designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and maintaining a room-based AV set-up are the main responsibilities of an AV room engineer or architect. Professionals are there to optimize the AV infrastructure to ensure its high functioning and efficient for the needs of the client. Some of their duties include coordinating with project managers to help meet client needs and preferences, engineering better customer solutions, training clients and their employees on the AV room operations, and helping clients with maintenance. An effective AV room engineer is equipped with valuable visualization and problem-solving skills.

Audio Visual Installer

The job of an AV installer fixed around handling, installing, operating, and potentially maintaining AV technology set-ups. Usually, this kind of position favors applicants with technical experience and certifications in handling AV technology. AV installers must handle a variety of different AV set-ups, from projectors to sound systems to broadcasting equipment. Skills in AV equipment operation and installation, as well as troubleshooting, are the most valuable, but a detail-oriented and diligent work mentality is also big pros.

Live Events Manger/Professional

A live events manager or professional managers operate the AV system for a live event or venue. Their regular tasks include handling lighting, sound, visuals, and microphones for concerts, theater performances, lectures, or other types of live events. The professionals required to manage the AV equipment in professional audio, video, lighting, and staging equipment, with skills like coordination, organization, and flexibility enhancing the way live event managers do their job. This tech career path may be more dynamic and require more traveling and weekend work, but it is also a valuable and exciting experience for a student’s first job out of school.

There are a variety of paths to choose from the AV industry jobs as a career. It can be hard to narrow down exactly what kind of position students may choose early on. But, having at least an inkling of what fits their interests and career goals is great and can help lead them to the right job.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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