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Beckman Coulter Demonstrate Power Automation Laboratories Sizes

Beckman Coulter Demonstrates the Power of Automation in Laboratories of all Sizes

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Beckman Coulter demonstrations aim to explain the automation efficiency

The pace of digitization and automation is accelerating, and this makes complete sense to adopt such changes.  Explaining the key role, Beckman Coulter will demonstrate ‘how laboratories of all sizes can elevate their performance and advance patient care through the power of automation and clinical informatics’ in the Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo.

At 71st Annual AACC conference, Beckman Coulter will showcase its clinical chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, urinalysis and microbiology solutions, configured in the booth to meet the specific needs of any size laboratory. The company known for its advancement in healthcare will demonstrate its robust portfolio of WorkflowConnect, WorkflowAdvanced, and WorkflowCommand automation solutions that are designed to meet the needs of small-, mid- and high- volume laboratories.

Automation to diagnose complex biomedical testing

Hospital laboratories face staffing and operational challenges, all around the globe. It results, laboratory managers, taking an integrated workflow approach and embracing automation to streamline laboratory operations.

“In the past, only high-volume laboratories were able to reap the benefits of automation. Now, because of solutions from Beckman Coulter, all laboratories — low-, mid- and high-volume — can access the power of automation to optimize their laboratory and improve efficiency,” said Julie Sawyer Montgomery, senior vice president at Beckman Coulter.

The power of automation forces in laboratories will re-evaluate the fundamentals to withdraw unknown possible human errors. The booth demonstrations will include the DxA 5000, Beckman Coulter’s newest total laboratory automation solution. Targeting the U.S. market, the DxA 5000 is designed to help all size laboratories significantly improve efficiency through a collection of patented innovations, which will:

  • identify and eliminate pre-analytical errors
  • automate labor-intensive and error-prone laboratory workflow
  • use true intelligent routing to prioritize STATs
  • auto-verify and release normal results without delay

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, Beckman Coulter will also host a sepsis diagnosis and treatment panel discussion, “A Race against Time — The Challenge of Sepsis for Clinicians and Laboratorians,” at the Hilton Anaheim, Pacific A/B Ballroom.

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