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Artificial moon

How an artificial moon can prove beneficial for improving the earth’s wellbeing?

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The moon is a peculiar entity that appears beautiful from afar. Moongazing is a relaxing and pleasant nighttime hobby. However, it will be only a matter of time for the moon to switch to a more trustworthy and stable orbit, as the moon is slowly migrating away from the earth’s orbit. Thus, the creation of an artificial moon is now in the works.

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese experts are working on a facility that will allow them to recreate the gravity of the lunar surface. Let us go into the Artificial Moon’s creation process and it’s working.

Artificial Moon demands robust Magnetic field

According to Chinese experts, the artificial moon uses extraordinarily powerful magnetic fields to hover a two-square-foot box in a vacuum. There is no air in the room because it is enclosed in a vacuum chamber. Powerful magnets inside the chamber create a magnetic field that ‘lifts’ the small region. Within the room, they’ve reproduced lunar dirt and moon rocks. The magnetic field can be adjusted on and off as needed to provide no gravity, lunar gravity, or Earth-level gravity.

Gravity on the moon is about a sixth of what it is on Earth. The capacity to test technologies and procedures in a low-gravity environment can help reduce the risks of a moon mission. Besides, the artificial moon would reflect sunlight back to Earth, acting as a mirror. It would orbit Earth at a 500-kilometer altitude, almost the same as the International Space Station. The Moon orbits Earth at a distance of 380,000 kilometers on average. The researchers also claim that installing an artificial moon would be less expensive than installing street lights.

How an artificial moon can be beneficial?

The artificial moon is a night-time illumination satellite that works in tandem with the moon. Its estimated brightness in human eyes is around one-fifth in comparison with conventional streetlights. Besides, electricity consumption is escalating day by day, and as a result, the world may face power disruptions in the future. The development of an artificial moon can assist in not only reducing power consumption but will also bring a slew of other advantages, as noted below:

  • Reduction in the amount of electricity used by streetlights.
  • Eight times the brightness of a regular moon.
  • In the event of a natural calamity, this moon will be quite helpful.
  • Fuel usage is reduced.
  • Protection of both urban and rural locations
  • Assistance to those living in slums.

The above-mentioned information, as well as the benefits, are sufficient to explain the concept of an artificial moon. The successful adoption will undoubtedly benefit both earth and humans.

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