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6 Best Hawaiian Islands to seek a Blissful Escape

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Are you planning your next trip to Hawaii? Hawaii is renowned for its natural beauty, culture, and heritage of islands to explore. You will experience here tropical adventure, secluded luxury, and cultural immersion like nowhere else. The most attractive thing about Hawaii is the islands with an enormous blend of ocean views, sandy shores, and sunny climes.  These Hawaiian Islands are a perfect gateway for every type of traveler, whether solo traveler or a romance seeker. No doubt vacations in Hawaii will be the hottest holidays for you ever, but following information act as a guide to bring clarity regarding 6 best Hawaiian Islands.

What are the best Hawaiian Islands for perfect leisure?

How peaceful is to have a pleasant escape from the grind of everyday life and relax on the tropical beachside! These best Hawaiian Islands are preferable if you want to spend the whole day snoozing on a gorgeous stretch of sand. These islands consist of black sand on beaches, volcanic topography, and delicious seafood. With so much to see and so much to do, it is exciting to know about these islands. Let’s find out what are the best Hawaiian Islands to visit.

1. Kauai

Kauai is one of the best Hawaiian Islands to please wanderlusts with its iconic representation of lush mountains and rainbow shower trees. Recently developed south side of Kauai is well known for its incredible snorkeling sites and sunny beach weather. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resorts and Koa Kea Hotel are along the coastline, making it a perfect gateway for honeymooners. Here you can visit dwellings of Hanapepe, Kauai’s biggest little town, art galleries, boutiques, original restaurants, and the popular Banana Patch Studio.

2. Maui

Maui has got a beach for every mood and some of the biggest surfable waves on the planet. The exciting tourist destination spots include bamboo forest climb, wander past waterfalls and volcanic Haleakalā National Park. The Maui Island is also known as “The Valley Isle” because it has pineapple flatlands to the west side. It is a perfect balance of country and city since the island is far enough to be isolated from society, close enough to the civilized world to buy high-end merchandise.

3. Hawaii (Big Island)
Hawaii-(Big Island)

Big Island also known as Hawaii is the largest and youngest of all islands in archipelago. It consists of incredibly diverse landscapes from molten lava rivers, snow-capped mountains with beautiful rainforests and black sand beaches. On the sunny west side you will find Kona beach, a bustling place of activity home to historic village. Here you will discover the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park that highlights Hawaiian fishponds, native wildlife, and sacred temples.

4. Oahu

Oahu Island keeps you busy throughout the entire vacation with shopping, dining, surfing, nightlife, and much more. Waikiki Beach as part of island is a well-known location known for Bonsai Pipeline, crystal clear water, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. South side of the island has the feel of a big city with its Hawaiian style palm trees, blue water, and warm evenings. 5-star hotels, resorts, and spas adorn the long stretch of beautiful Oahu Islands. There are several waterfalls on this side with its lush scenery. It is easy to see why so many people flock here.

5. Lanai

Known as the Pineapple Island, Lanai was once home to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Lanai is the 3rd smallest Hawaiian island and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island. There are only three hotels on the island and all of them unique charms and it is worth starting in to split up the nights on Lanai. A trip to Lanai involves a great combination of water sports and cultural experiences with local residents. Here you can rent a Jeep for a day and visit Keahiakawelo which is known as the Garden of the Gods. It is filled with lunar landscape features and a massive rock garden with rock towers.

6. Molokai

The strategic location of Molokai Island creates the appearance of the Hawaiian Islands archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is mainly driven by an agrarian economy, which includes cattle ranching, pineapple production, small-scale farming and sugarcane production. However, it is surprising to know that tourism comprises of small fraction of the island’s economy. The Kalaupapa National Historical Park is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Molokai. Also, this Hawaiian Island is famous for hula dance. Tourists visit this place to attend hula dance festivals and shows.

Before you travel

  • Transport options are rare, so plan your reservation for a rental car as they are high in demand.
  • Look at weather forecasting data before you pack your bags as atmosphere is unpredictable here.
  •  Make a list of things to take with you, for example, documents, medicines, beach clothes, etc.
  • Find out useful phone numbers and links to contact during your stay to make your vacations safe.

To sum up, Hawaii is a geologically violent place since it is born out of volcanic activity coupled with honeymoon destinations and known for stunning sunsets. The hospitality industry is leveraging the natural beauty of every island to make best out of it. Also, each island is unique in its ambiance and attractions. We hope this article has given you comprehensive insights regarding the best Hawaiian Islands.

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