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Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Joins EVERFI to Make Sustainability Education Accessible to Students

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The no-cost course shows how choices, no matter how small, impact big

Helping children understand the importance of sustainability is critically important. Towards the future, Beyond Meat has collaborated with EVERFI, a leading digital education innovator, to create a free science-based course on sustainability that will be available – to students, teachers, and parents across the United States. Beyond Meat believes that to bring lasting change in society, all students should have access to education on future-defining topics like sustainability.

The course is designed for 5th-to- 8th-grade students, grounded in real-world experiences, and covers topics on global resource constraints, the importance of biodiversity, climate change, and how to innovate for a healthy life.


Beyond Meat is committed to creating a brighter future, by showing the next generation first-hand how their choices, each and every day, can make a big impact on themselves, their communities, and the planet. The curriculum as demand came after EVERFI teachers conducted a survey where they surprisingly found that nearly 98% of respondents were ‘very’ and ‘extremely interested’ in a course on sustainability.

Recently, Beyond Meat introduced its “What If We All Go Beyond” campaign – another way to approach sustainability by going beyond food choices. The campaign puts light on the fact that how much we care about ourselves. Up to three times a day we each have the opportunity to decide what protein we put on our plate. We see food as a vehicle for change, the way you will eat the way you will behave. Similarly, this course is an important part of the commitment, which will help students to learn more about the role of diet in health and sustainability.

“We see food as a vehicle for change; this course being an important part of that commitment, helping students to learn more about the role of diet in health and sustainability,” said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat Founder & CEO.

More clarity to impact choices

Beyond Meat founder, Ethan Brown and EVERFI founder, Tom Davidson are childhood friends who sought to build mission-driven companies and that’s why the commitment is more concrete. Now the relationship has come full circle as Beyond Meat and EVERFI come together to bring clarity around the impact of choices people make that may change their daily routines.

The course will launch in October and be available throughout the 2020-2021 school year. To accommodate the new landscape of virtual and at-home learning, students will be able to work with their teachers and schools to access the course online while learning from home. Throughout the year, Beyond Meat also plans to engage students across the country through activities and initiatives aimed at reinforcing and enhancing the curriculum.

Since its founding, EVERFI digital learning has reached more than 41 million learners across the K-12, higher education, and adult markets with more than 250 digital education courses on social issues.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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