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Campus Suite

Campus Suite Installs Coronavirus Update Centers at Schools to Avoid Panic

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The company is reducing the cost of installation

Health experts identified schools as one of the primary areas of a public congregation where viruses can rapidly spread. The need for sharing updates is magnified as administrators consider the range of planning options from event cancellations/school closures to remote education/in-home learning. In some cases, districts are re-examining school policies as part of their preparation for potential disruption. There is mounting pressure on school districts to get urgent news about the potential spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in their communities. In response to the situation, the school website provider Campus Suite is offering school districts an online solution for relaying urgent risk communication news and information.

April 15 onwards, Campus Suite is reducing the cost of installing a ‘Corona Update Center’ on school district websites. The plugin CUC can be applied to a school website and deployed within 24 hours of being ordered. The plugin provides content in the real-time news feed for original school content, school cancellation and other related policies, links to official local and state health departments, and a link to the COVID-19 page of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Preparation is critical

As schools grapple with COVID-19 planning and contingencies, the Coronavirus Update Center provides a hub for centralized communications to keep messaging clear, accurate and organized. Content from the update center can also be pushed to the district’s social media channels notification/alert systems to broaden the reach of time-sensitive information.

Getting out in front of potentially disruptive news and events goes a long way in stemming the potential flood of inquiries and conjecture that may arise from parents and their entire school community,” said Campus Suite CEO Steve Williams.

The Cincinnati-based technology company, Campus Suite is not new to public service initiatives for school districts. The company established the School Website Accessibility Education Center three years ago to help equip schools with the knowledge and tools to eliminate website barriers for people with disabilities. It specializes in website hosting, design and digital communications for schools. It helps school administrators solve the everyday communications challenges they face, and helps them improve engagement and educational outcomes by sharing knowledge and web communication tools.

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