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Chick Corea: A Legendary and Cherished Jazz musician

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Chick Corea – a Grammy award-winning jazz musician has died at the age of 79. He has been a renowned and beloved jazz musician for more than five decades. He died on 9th February and succumbing to a rare disease, his website confirmed the demise.

Chick is the fourth-most nominated artist in the Grammy Awards’ history with 65 nominations, winning 23 times. Chick released his last music album in 2020. In the late 1960s, he played with Miles Davis. Apart from this, he was known around the world for his work as a composer with hits like Spain and 500 Miles High.

On the Journey to be a Great Musician

Born in Chelsea, Chick was introduced to the piano at the age of four because of his father. Because his father was a jazz trumpeter, he also was interested in the same and started playing drums when he was eight.

Salvatore Sullo—a concert pianist started teaching young Chick piano lessons.  Chick started exploring his piano methods by practicing on his own. This thereby sparked his interest in musical composition. Chick started playing gigs when he was in high school and moved to New York City for his musical education.

Chick’s Prosperous Career

Chick began his professional career with Mongo Santamaria, Willie Bobo, Blue Mitchell, Herbie Mann, and Stan Getz in the early 1960s. His debut album “Tones for Joan’s Bones” was released in the year 1966.

When his career began flourishing, Chick then began experimenting with his musical styles. He initiated fusing both—acoustic and electronic instrumentation which drew plenty of attention to the Latin American music styles than rock music.

During the 1970s, Chick started working on the duet projects with vibraphonist Gary Burton. Following that, he collaborated with various artists from over the world for his concerts. Sticking to a dueling-piano format, he reprised the duet concert series with Hancock in 2015.

In the year 2016, Chick celebrated his 75th birthday by playing with more than 20 different groups during a six-week stand in New York City.

The Five Essential Albums

Chick was renowned and cherished as a jazz musician throughout the entire world. Listed below are five of his most essential and beloved albums of all time.

  1. Now He Sings, Now He Sobs

    Chick Corea

  1. Paris-Concert

    Chick Corea

  1. Light as a Feather

    Chick Corea

  1. concerto

    Chick Corea

  1. Trilogy

    Chick Corea

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