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Mental Wellness

How can Coaches Assist Athletes to Improve Mental Wellness?

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Key Highlights:

  • 72% of athletes have favourable experience in the field of mental health care.
  • The most effective conceptual framework for athletes is the psychological management by coaches.
  • The American College of Sports Medicine realizes the developmental importance of the athlete.

Coaches Identifying Athletes Individually

In the sports medical community, an athlete’s mental wellness receives more consideration. While participating in athletics can have numerous benefits, the fundamental aspect of competition can instigate, amplify or expose psychological difficulties in athletes. Some personality attributes can help with athletic achievement; however, the same characteristics can also be related to mental illness. Significantly, athletic culture can influence performance and psychological health by affecting personality characteristics and mental illnesses.

Coaches are routinely aware of the psychological mental wellness of athletes. Throughout the early phases of the recruitment process through to the hours of training, competition, and intermediate practice, coaches understand their athletes individually and personally. Consequently, it is helpful that coaches understand the resources available to allow their athletes to maximize their potential. According to a recent poll of NCAA coaches, 72 percent of athletes had a positive experience in the field of mental health services. Many reports on mental health can increase the performance of athletes as well as help them to achieve their maximum personal potential.

Intellectual Foundation for Coaches

Every action taken by an athlete has a mental dimension. That’s why athletes profit when they improve their mental skills in sports. The most effective conceptual framework is provided by psychological performance coaches, including:

1. Stable Motivation  Motivation during downfalls or a long season can be challenging. However, it is vital to move ahead despite the barriers and challenges.

2. Goal-Setting  The objective is to evaluate a properly defined seasonal goal. Furthermore, the targets should contain short-term objectives, contingency plans, and action.

3. Mental Rehearsal -Visualization prepares the body and mind to act as one unit and produces pictures of how athletes intend to perform in the near future.

4. Mental Toughness – Mental resilience is the ability to overcome hardship, learn from misfortune, take the opportunity, and do equivalent actions in the future.

Challenges Affecting Athletes’ Mental Health

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) acknowledges the value of athlete development. It is also necessary to pay equal attention to physical and mental wellness to reach peak performance. About one in five persons live throughout their lives with a mental health issue. Although physical exercise is great for brain health, sports involvement is not fully safe from mental health complications.

Student-athletes at the university and college level are confronted with pressure from academics and other possible stressors. These factors include missing classes due to off-campus sports tournaments, being away from home for the first time, social isolation from students other than their teams, and adapting to their campus and communities’ continued visibility. Approximately 30% of women and 25% of men experience anxiety, and just 10 percent of all college athletes with diagnosed mental illnesses receive medical care.

Professional athletes and the elite also face mental health difficulties and statistics suggest that around 35% of elite athletes have difficulty eating, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety. An athlete may also be affected by limited privacy, inadequate recovery period, and limitable autonomy or independence.

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