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College Admission 101

The Princeton Review’s College Admission 101 Videos Guide Students to Find ‘best-fit’ Colleges

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A nine-video series will help students achieve their education and career goals

YouTube is a destination for life-long learning. It has a large global audience and so it streams unique opportunity to help democratize the way people learn and make sure anyone, anywhere have access to information. YouTube’s Director of Content and Partnerships for Learning, Katie Kurtz invited The Princeton Review to be one of the first creators of education content utilizing the new ‘Learning playlist’ feature. The Princeton Review has recently added-College Admission 101- a free resource to its array of admission and financial aid information tools for students and parents.

College Admission 101, a nine-video series hosted by Rob Franek, The Princeton Review’s Editor-in-Chief, features his expert advice on how to find, get into, and pay for one’s “dream school.” The series debuted in August on The Princeton Review’s YouTube channel. The series demystifies the college application process and provides guidance that can make admission attainable for students anywhere

Think like a college, the biggest admission secret

As one of the first “Learning Playlists” on YouTube, The College Admission 101 series features sequential videos that expertly walk viewers through the process of successfully applying to-and playing for-college. The nine videos total one hour and 36 minutes of admission guidance. Their mind-bending titles include “The Biggest Admission Secret Applicants Overlook,” “How to Think Like a College,” and “The X-Factors of College Admissions.”

As useful to college applicants as it will be to their parents and other advising them, the series gives viewers detailed information and direction in how to:

  • Curate a personal list of best-fit schools with ideal academics, campus culture, extracurricular, and quality-of-life offerings
  • Determine which standardized tests to take, and master key strategies to maximize scores
  • Craft an authentic, effective college essay
  • Be savvy about recommendations, interviews, extracurricular, and use of social media
  • Apply for financial aid, decode aid award offers, and appeal for traditional aid
  • Payless for college by utilizing outside-the-box cost-saving opportunities

Videos unveiling surprising statistics

The Princeton Review believes in the power of college education and is thrilled to utilize YouTube’s global platform to empower students everywhere to succeed in school, on standardized tests, and utility at their dream colleges. It surveyed over more than 140,000 college students whose feedback contributed to the 62 categories of college rankings in The Princeton Review’s recently released guidebook, The Best 385 Colleges (Penguin Random House, August 5, 2019) of which Franek is the lead author. Also, the videos are further enhanced with findings from The Princeton Review’s surveys on College Hopes & Worries Survey of applicants and their parents.

Graphics in the videos illustrate recent and sometimes surprising statistics about college admission and acceptance trends.

Since the College Admission 101 videos posted in August, the channel has garnered more than 10,000 views, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Princeton Review provides numerous additional free resources to college-bound students and their parents as part of its mission to help students get into-and to succeed at-their “best-fit” colleges.

In the past year, the company has hosted more than 2,100 free events (college-night talks and seminars in test-prep strategies), and more than 2,400 free full-length practice SAT and Act tests, for which the company offers score analysis and test-prep guidance free of charge.

Franek was a college admission officer before joining The Princeton Review. He has visited about 100 high schools and 50 colleges each year and frequently delivers tasks on college admission policies, strategies, and trends. His hosted videos address common concerns that he has heard from his audiences of students, parents, and counselors across the country as well as insights from college admission officers he has met over his career.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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