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Colorado State University College of Business: Innovating in Education to Create Tomorrow’s Leaders

Colorado State University College of Business

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With the advent of new technologies, the new catchphrase for today’s business landscape is “Purpose Plus Profit.” Businesses must create value beyond generating profits for shareholders to include better serving customers, creating fair policies and inclusive processes for employees, addressing racial and gender inequality, protecting the environment, and addressing the most pressing social and economic problems in the world. Hence, today’s businesses are looking for graduates who are committed to achieving goals that have a positive impact beyond the bottom line. But, a new kind of business professional is needed and technological innovation is required to reach next-gen business leaders from all walks of life and across geographic boundaries.

Colorado State University College of Business’ faculty are meeting the aforesaid needs by creating fresh curricula and certificates reflecting the latest trends and insights in areas like cybersecurity, application development, business intelligence, and marketing data analytics. This premier business school is a national leader in advancing business to create a better world and is renowned for its Online MBA which increases access to an exceptional education. Through research, curricula and community engagement, the college is poised to address the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century. As a result, it attracts faculty who are not only world-class researchers but exceptional educators, as well as students who embrace purpose and are compelled to use their business education as a force for good.

Classroom of the Future

Technology is widening the reach of education, allowing more students to experience the classroom of the future. Understanding the needs of the students, CSU’s College of Business has invested in a leading-edge technology that allows remote students to participate in realtime with a class lecture on campus. This new immersive experience called “Mosaic” lets students ask questions, participate in discussions and engage in group work with their peers with no delay. With Mosaic, the College of Business is the first U.S. business school to bring three learning options into one classroom—students can participate in-person, remotely in realtime, and on-demand through online recordings. Hence, students can choose the experience that best suits their style of learning.

Wide Range of Courses

CSU’s College of Business aims to transform lives by focusing on delivering high-quality education through AACSB-accredited degrees combined with its core vision of the business for a better world. This aim provides its graduates with a competitive edge in the job market. This leading business school knows that the employees of tomorrow need flexibility, skill-focused content, and online to enhance their access to higher education. To meet these needs, the college offers shorter certificates to aid professionals to gain relevant credentials and supports continuous life-long learning as the business evolves.

Students have the freedom to pursue a certificate or degree tailored to their career goals. The undergraduate options range from an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor to an International Business concentration which, in addition to their primary concentration can fit into a four-year degree. Furthermore, its graduate program offers flexibility through online delivery of lectures, enabling more people from diverse circumstances and various locations to pursue an MBA mid-career. To further prove the quality of education, the prominent business school has launched an on-campus Impact MBA which is the first of its kind nationally. In this program, professionals learn how to connect profit with purpose through social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability.

Quality Career Management Assistance

CSU’s College of Business has its own dedicated Career Management Center. This center is highly active in enriching professional development opportunities and prepares students to meet the demands of modern business through mentoring, career fairs, networking events and much more. It has formed strong relationships with business partners who are not only interested in hiring smart and well-trained students, but who are also passionate about making the world a better place through sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and engagement. Top companies like Goldman Sachs, Aerotek, Bank of Colorado, Charles Schwab and more hire the college’s career-ready students to meet their top talent needs, resulting in a 94 percent job offer rate for undergraduate students within three months of graduation.

Positive Student Opinions

The students of the business school are quite happy with its programs. CSU’s College of Business consistently receives positive feedback from its students about their time at the business school through an annual senior survey. This survey revealed that 93 percent of students rated their educational experience as excellent or good and almost 90 percent would choose their major again.

Preparing Students for the Future of Business

Staying ahead of trends and equipping students for success is one of the College of Business’s top priorities as the business landscape changes at an unprecedented rate. The college wants to be known nationally as a business school that is not only educating the next generation of business leaders but also teaching students how to address modern problems. “That is how we forge strong, supportive and engaged communities. We are in the business of transforming lives, and we know that increasing student access to education through innovative technology and pioneering new business research are crucial factors in establishing the next great generation of business leaders,” says Dean Beth Walker of CSU’s College of Business.

A Seasoned and Accomplished Educator

Dean Beth Walker is an award-winning researcher and teacher whose research has been widely published in leading marketing journals. After receiving her Ph.D. from Penn State University, she started her career as a marketing faculty member at Arizona State University. From there, she served in multiple roles that allowed her to manage and lead programs. “This varied set of experiences prepared me well to assume the Dean’s role in the College of Business at Colorado State University just over four years ago. CSU’s land-grant heritage and commitment to access and excellence, aligned with my value system and our impact ethos in the College of Business are true what sets us apart. With this focus, we have become a top-ranked business school dedicated to helping our students,” shares Dean Beth Walker. Due to her contribution to the education sector, the seasoned educator was named one of the 25 most powerful women in Colorado by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which was a truly humbling and special honor for her.

Admissions to the College of Business

When making admissions decisions, this prominent business school evaluates the entirety of a student’s experience—academic performance, club and community engagement, work and travel experience. Through this approach, it upholds its strong academic standards while making it’s business degrees accessible to students from all walks of life, across socio-economic barriers and geographic boundaries. At the same time, it also creates classroom and online experiences that are rich with varied perspectives. Commenting on this, Dean Beth Walker says If you are committed to learning, willing to collaborate with your peers, and most importantly, interested in making a positive difference through business we want you to join Colorado State University’s College of Business and become a BizRam!

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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