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6 Effective Ways to Combat Fear of Failure

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Failure. Defeat. Loss. All these are synonymous terms that relate to a condition that a person trembles to face. Think about giving your 100 percent into something, being all excited about it, and spending multiple sleepless nights just to get the results that shatter you from the inside.

Well, it is true that failures are terrible, but if seen from a realistic standpoint, it is understandable that not all attempts can bode success for everyone. Also, why should you refrain from giving your best shot because you are afraid of negative outcomes?

Generally, you face events in life that make you demotivated and the fear of failure amplifies; however, in such situations, it is important to take care of yourself and engage in activities that help you counter the negative emotions. This article will guide you through the best approaches that can help you overcome the fear of failure impeccably. Let’s check them out now:

1. Understand the Meaning of Failure

While all of us fear failure but only a few of us understand what it means. Failure means that an attempt you made at something did not meet the target, and therefore, you can try again. There is never a close end to any path; you can always look for alternative routes and try again with the anticipation of success. Also, failure is a sign that there was something wrong with the process that you must fix the next time.

Let’s take the example of a recipe. Failing to put in the right amount of ingredients can spoil your effort. So, the next time when you would try the recipe, you will take stringent care of the measurements.

The same goes for life. Whether you are worried about failure in education, career, or relationship, the mantra is to understand that you can always turn your failures into success.

Moreover, people are so susceptible that they pose even small things on the verge of success and failure.

For example, not being appreciated for task completion is not a failure, but most working people make a hill out of a mole. So, people need to understand that it is okay to fail as they always have room to reverse it. 

2. Set Achievable Goals

Don’t know who needs to hear this, but people nowadays are deviating from the truth and reality. The fantasy world that is glorified in movies and tales is nowhere close to reality. Therefore, setting unrealistic targets and unachievable goals can give you nothing but pain because-simply- they never come true.

However, this does not mean that you should not think big. Thinking big and setting impractical goals are two different poles. Therefore, you must consider the available resources, and situation, and set the targets you are capable of striving for. In this way, you will achieve your goals and feel proud of your achievement.

3. Set Back Up Plans

If you, in the true sense, want to deal with the fear of failure, then you must have backup plans so that you don’t feel like it is the end of the world after one failure. When you have multiple options in the pipeline, you have peace of mind knowing if one thing fails, you have another possibility or opportunity to explore.

4. Watch a Motivational Movie/ Documentary

Feeling low and anticipating negative outcomes ahead of a result? Watch a motivational movie or documentary that will teach how failures make people saw sharp to face challenges. Also, such movies are a lesson that everything that happens in life is meant to happen. Therefore, the most successful people in the world are those who have faced a series of rejections and failures.

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5. Talk to Someone You Trust

To calm your nerves and feel relieved in testing times, you can always talk to someone you share a trustworthy bond with. It could be your parents, siblings, friend, or partner; someone you can always share your feelings with and take their advice to overcome the challenges you incur.

6. Acceptance is the Key

No matter what, the only key to avoiding fear of failure is accepting that you will either fail or succeed. No one likes to make mistakes and do that intentionally. They are unavoidable as to err is to be human. Embracing that you failed in doing something is tough yet the best thing you could do. Only after acceptance, you can reflect to avoid it in the future.

Bottom Line

Failures help you learn and grow in your life and career. Therefore, one should never feel bad about failures as, at their best, they are embarrassing, and at worse, they may impact others. Having said that, you may choose one of the ways to counter your fear of failure, such as setting realistic goals, diverting your attention, consuming motivational content, and accepting your mistakes.

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