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World’s Costliest Crop Cultivated in Bihar

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The cultivation of ‘hop-shoots’—the world’s costliest vegetable has started in Bihar’s Aurangabad district on a trial basis. One kilogram of this crop costs about Rs.1 lakh!

Amresh Singh farmer from Karamdih village started the cultivation of hop-shoots on 5 kathas of his land. Six years ago, this crop was sold for 1000 pounds a kg in the international markets. Since there was no cultivation of hop shoots in India, the crop was rarely seen. It could be bought only by placing a special order.

“I am happy to say that more than 60 percent of its cultivation has happened successfully,” Singh said. Dr. Lal of the Indian Vegetable Research Institute at Varanasi is looking after the cultivation of hop-shoots (Humulus-lupulus).

Benefits of hop-shoots crop

hop shoots

The fruit, flower, and stem of hop-shoots are very beneficial. They are used for making beverages and beer. The medical usage of the crop is in making antibiotics. The medicine made with the stem has proved highly effective in the treatment of Tuberculosis.

Speaking about its utility, he said that they are all used in beverage making, beer making, and for medicinal purposes like in making. The medicine, which is made with the stem of this vegetable, has also been found to have a high curative effect on (TB).

Amresh put forth, “Its flower is called hop-cones or strobile, which is used as a stability agent in the making of beer.  The rest of the twigs are used for food and medicine purposes.”

The European countries utilize the crop as an herb. Since the vegetable is also a rich source of antioxidants, it is used for keeping the skin gleaming and young. Hop shoots was originally utilized as a flavoring agent in beer and then its usage in herbal medicine and as a vegetable shifted gradually.

Regions of hop-shoot cultivation

European countries like Britain, Germany, and others mainly carried out the cultivation of the hop shoots crop. In India, it was done earlier in Himachal Pradesh but was stopped since its marketing did not take off.

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