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Digital Badges

Verified Digital Badges Provides Opportunities to Upskill Talents

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The collaboration aims to close skills gaps in emerging telecommunications and information technology

The National Alliance for Communications, Technology, Education and Learning (NACTEL) – a newly branded partnership between industry employers and labor unions; the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL); and Pace University announced the launch of an initiative to offer employer-verified digital badges for adult learners. The purpose behind forging this digital badge is to help the workforce showcase their gained competencies through successful completion of respective courses on telecommunications topics such as cybersecurity, data, and network security, mobile networking, broadband technology, and 5G deployment strategies.

The shift to 5G technologies has pushed industry professionals to complete continuing education to stay competitive in the job market. Through NACTEL partnership, the industry’s largest employers and labor unions come up with a strategic move to invest in the development of telecommunications talent.

Talents meet opportunities

NACTEL offers approximately 100 jumpstart courses, certificates, and degrees designed to fill the demand for emerging skills in the communications industry. The initiative is designed for working adult learners with even greater flexibility as they access NACTEL learning pathways, which include stackable digital badges, certificates, and degrees. And so the NACTEL micro-credential badges, which help the workforce to meet their deserving opportunities, such as;

  • The badges provide opportunities for talents to gain and renew the skills and knowledge needed in today’s rapidly evolving communications technology industry.
  • Badges show a way towards personalized learning for adult learners, as these badges can be applied towards associate and bachelor’s degrees that are needed in the communications industry.
  • Through micro-credentialing, adult learners who completed a series of courses on a particular topic, like data analytics or information technology, will earn badges from the digital credentialing platform Credly.
  • Verified by Pace University and employers, the badges accumulate as students’ ladder up to a NACTEL Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunications or business technology leadership.

“Through the application of digital badges, students can now transform their achievements in the classroom into industry-recognized credentials that unlock career opportunities,” says Christine Carpenter, executive director of NACTEL

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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