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Dr. Sandy Kiddoo: Balancing Academia and Compassion for Student Well-being

Dr. Sandy Kiddoo

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Dr. Sandy Kiddoo is an accomplished educational leader and the president of Northland Community & Technical College. She has a wealth of experience, having served as Chief Academic Officer at Hazard Community and Technical College, where she showed her commitment to strategic planning, facility development, and grant funding. She comes from central Wisconsin and holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Capella University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Kiddoo’s journey includes roles such as Vice President of Academics at Mid-State Technical College and leader in the Wisconsin Technical College System. She returned to her home region as the fourth President of Northland, where she leads over 4,000 students across 80 programs on two campuses and an aerospace site. She continues her dedication to the transformative power of education.

Leadership and Impact at Northland

As the President of Northland, Dr. Sandy Kiddoo shoulders many responsibilities to ensure the institution’s success. She sets strategic visions and directions, emphasizes student success, and engages with regional employers and stakeholders to include their input in Northland’s initiatives.

Dr. Kiddoo also advocates at local, state, and national levels, seeking resources to sustain high-quality services and programs for Northland’s students. She is deeply involved in the broader educational landscape, where she champions the institution’s needs and objectives.

Dr. Kiddoo’s proudest moments are tied to the impact she makes on individual lives. She witnesses students she supported walking across the graduation stage and enjoys when individuals proudly tell her they are alumni. These moments show her dedication and the transformative power of education under her leadership at Northland.

Evolution through Merger: Northland’s Foundation and Growth

Northland Community & Technical College is a dynamic educational institution that resulted from the 2003 merger of three colleges: the Thief River Falls Area Vocational Institution, the Thief River Falls State Junior College, and the East Grand Forks Technical Institute. This merger established the comprehensive offerings that define Northland today.

Northland offers a diverse education, with programs in Liberal Arts Transfer, Health Services (including Nursing), Construction Trades, Manufacturing, Business, IT, Transportation, Aviation, Agriculture, and Protective Services. This curriculum reflects Northland’s commitment to meeting the varied needs of its students.

Northland has campuses in Thief River Falls and East Grand Forks and serves as a hub for academic excellence. It fosters a learning environment that prepares students for success in various fields. Northland’s rich history and dedication to a broad spectrum of disciplines make it a vital institution in northwest Minnesota, catering to the educational and professional growth of its community.

Accessible Admission and Holistic Support

Northland has an ethos of accessibility, shown by its open-access policy that does not require a specific GPA for admission. Northland understands the diverse challenges students face, such as working and managing busy lives, with the main obstacle being the balance between work, academics, and family.

Northland has addressed the evolving needs of its students, who struggle with basic needs. Northland has established food pantries on both campuses, showing its commitment to supporting students in meeting essential requirements for academic success. Northland has also strengthened its community connections, creating a network to ensure students receive the resources and assistance they need to overcome obstacles and thrive in their academics. By addressing these challenges, Northland is a compassionate and inclusive institution, dedicated to fostering an environment where all students can succeed despite their complex lives.

A Holistic Approach to Access, Affordability, and Support

Dr. Kiddoo promotes accessibility and inclusivity through a multifaceted approach. She creates a welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging for every student. She meets learners where they are and ensures a tailored educational experience that accommodates diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

Affordability is a key focus, with support from the foundation and various programs, along with low tuition fees. Dr. Kiddoo recognizes the challenges of student-parents, a cause close to her heart, and spearheads initiatives like parent study rooms. She draws from her own experience as a single parent balancing education, work, and parenting, and ensures that Northland meets the needs of diverse learners. She fosters an environment where everyone, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, can thrive in their pursuit of education.

Symphony of Leadership, Gardening, and Grandmotherhood

Dr. Kiddoo balances her demanding role as the President of Northland Community & Technical College with a well-rounded personal life. As an empty nester, she has more time for her professional responsibilities. Outside of work, Dr. Kiddoo enjoys gardening and beekeeping. She relaxes by reading and solving puzzles in the winter months.

Dr. Kiddoo cherishes her role as a grandmother and spends quality time with her grandson whenever she can. This blend of professional and personal interests shows her ability to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance. She demonstrates the importance of personal pursuits alongside her dedicated leadership at Northland.

Nurturing Independence: Empowering Children with Essential Life Skills

Dr. Kiddoo advocates teaching children essential life skills early, fostering independence and self-advocacy. She advises parents to empower their children with practical abilities as they support their educational journey. She encourages children to ask for help and teaches them effective communication skills to navigate challenges confidently.

Moreover, Dr. Kiddoo stresses the importance of imparting independent skills early, emphasizing budgeting and practical tasks like cooking on a budget. She instills these capabilities in children, contributing to their long-term success, both academically and in life. Through this holistic approach, Dr. Kiddoo encourages parents to nurture well-rounded individuals who can thrive in their educational pursuits and adult responsibilities.


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