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Top 10 EdTech Companies in 2023

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EdTech companies are the new schools of modern life, is what we can say. To be simply defined can be known as education through technology. EdTech helps students understand better compared to the traditional method, as along with teaching, it also includes visual learning and video learning. Students also find e-learning to be creative and comfortable for learning. Here are a few popular EdTech companies:

1. Duolingo

  • Year of Foundation- 2011
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Lui Vohn Ahn
  • Net worth- $6.63 Billion
  • Users- 300 million+

Duolingo is an EdTech app that specializes in language courses. The company has a total of 5 branches across the world. The app is free. It uses a game approach to teach users any language through quizzes and all sorts of assignments. But for super Duolingo, the app has monthly subscriptions as per the plans that can be monthly/yearly. Monthly Super Duolingo Premium Subscription: $12.99. The app teaches the language by initially taking a small test to understand how skilled the user is. Duolingo conducts English tests that are being recognized by universities abroad for Masters and jobs. The app charges approximately USD 59$ for a certified English test.

Famous Courses-  English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese.

2. MasterClass

  • Year of Foundation- 2014
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- David Rogier, Aaron Rasmussen
  • Networth- $2.75 Billion
  • Users- 2 +million

MasterClass is one of the best EdTech companies that provides the best knowledge from well-known experts as per your choice of subject. The combo of learning comes from online lectures as well as visuals. The courses are available by annual subscriptions as well. The monthly plan price starts from $10The price for these courses is very affordable.MasterClass enables students to interact with each other via assignments. The special benefit of learning a course here is interaction and knowledge by celebrities. The company does not provide you with a certificate, but it sends you an official email about your course completion.

Famous courses- Dance, Cooking, Space Exploration, Storytelling, and Writing.

3. Coursera

  • Year of Foundation- 2012
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Andrew NG and Daphne Koller
  • Networth- $2.2 Billion
  • Users- 102 million

Coursera is one of the very well-known EdTech apps all over the world. It offers 12-week long courses.  It offers more than 7000 courses on all subjects. It has 5 branches globally. Coursera has teaching partnerships with the most well-known universities across the world. The app uses video and visual learning techniques to teach its students. It also assigns them weekly projects which are analyzed. It provides certificates very cheaply. Coursera course plans cost $39.99 per month. Full degrees cost up to $9000 per year. The cheapest guided projects start from $9.99 per month.

Famous Courses-  Financial Markets, Machine Learning, Technology, and Security, Learn to Program: The Fundamentals, Seeing Through Photographs.

4. Udemy

  • Year of Foundation- 2010
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Eren Bali, Gagan Biyabi and Oktay Çağlar
  • Networth- $1.65 Billion
  • Users- 57+ million users

Udemy is an EdTech company which is an online learning platform for students. It offers certified courses on a variety of subjects. The app charges a minimal fee for the courses which are certified. Udemy converts traditional learning to e-learning via podcasts and weekly assignments. Udemy has ensured comfort in learning as more than 20 percent of users operate the app via mobiles. Udemy has branches in 6 countries.

Famous Courses- Python, Chat GPT, Excel, Web development, Ethical hacking.

5. Udacity

  • Year of Foundation- 2011
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Sebastian Thrun, David Stevens
  • Networth- $1 Billion
  • Users- 1.6 Million

Udacity is an EdTech company that offers a variety of online courses for any subject you want. The company offers free online courses for all these subjects. Udacity has partnerships with reputed universities for tutoring their users. The course structure consists of several modules that comprise online lectures, assignments, and quizzes to enhance the learning process, which is then analyzed. Udacity has a total of 4 branches. Udacity offers certificates for the course you paid for. The udacity course’s average cost ranges from $399 per month.

Famous Courses- Become a UX designer, Machine Learning Engineer, Front End Web Developer, Data Analyst, or Deep learner.

6. TutorMe

  • Year of Foundation- 2015
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Alex Convery
  • Networth- $112.2M
  • Users- 1.5 million

If you are a student wanting exclusive one-on-one attention, TutorMe is one of the best EdTech companies for you. The app offers a 2-3 hour session with the tutor wherein it features a virtual whiteboard, a text editor, audio video chat, and screen sharing that enables easy learning. This site teaches students from kindergarten to 12th standard. Students have given good ratings to this website. The average ratings of TutorMe are 4.8/5.

Famous Courses- English, Maths, and Science.

7. BrainPop

  • Year of Foundation- 1999
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Dr. Avraham Kadar
  • Networth- $105.7 Million
  • Users- 300 million

BrainPop is an educational website for students aged 3-1which provides a variety of certified courses. The website ensures learning via games and puzzles. It is used in more than 25% of U.S. schools and offers subscriptions for families and homeschoolers. The website is widely used in schools in several other countries, offering a course structure per region. The app provides subscriptions at a very affordable price for users. Brain Pop charges $15.95 per month for their courses.

Famous Courses- Science, Social Studies, English, Maths.

8. A Cloud Guru

  • Year of Foundation- 2015
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Sam and Ryan Kroonenberg
  • Networth- $343 Million
  • Users- 2.2 Million users

A Cloud Guru is an EdTech website offering a variety of certified courses on different subjects. The monthly charges are minimal. A Cloud Guru also provides certification for every course the user picks. While learning, the website offers all the necessary material a student wants for learning. Yes! If you are a student who wants to learn cloud tech, then this is one of the best EdTech Companies for you.

Famous Courses- Architecture, Cloud Practitioner, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, SysOps Administrator, Data Analytics.

9. Go Guardian

  • Year of Foundation- 2014
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Advait Shinde
  • Networth- $14.7 Million
  • Users- 10 Million

Go, Guardian is a website that provides certified courses through online classroom learning. The website coordinates with various schools to provide teaching for students up to 12th standard. The website offers courses for both teachers and students using modern methods. It smoothly enables the process of classroom learning. Their team consists of the best teachers who are experts in their own field and will personally tend to the students. Know that Go Guardian, provides course certificates. The course price for Go Guardian is $8 per month.

Famous Courses- Go Guardian Admin, Go Guardian Teacher, Go Guardian Beacon, Go Guardian Fleet, and Go Guardian DNS.

10. Skill Share

  • Year of Foundation- 2017
  • Headquarters- USA
  • Founder- Matt Cooper
  • Networth- $14.4 Million
  • Users- 12 million

Skill Share organizes courses in advertising, business, design, fashion and style, film and video, food and drink, music, photography, gaming, technology, writing, and publishing. These courses are taught by the best industry leaders globally. Notable instructors include Seth Godin, Jessica Hische, Susan Orlean, Yuko Shimizu, etc. Skillshare has a total of 2 branches. Skill Share makes sure that courses are affordable and provides a certificate after the course completion. The course cost for Skill Share per month is $32.

Famous Courses- Graphic Designing: Basics, Intro to Procreate, Animation, Film and Editing, Marketing.

In conclusion, we can say that EdTech has replaced the traditional method of teaching because both students and teachers are finding comfort in e-learning. Websites and apps ensure that one on one attention is given to all. The student’s progress is visible to parents, and by the end of the course, many apps and sites are providing certificates. Many courses are affordable, and some are even free. Who knows?  It’s highly possible that Ed- Tech might fully replace the idea of a school in the future.

Sushmita Nibandhe

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