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Detroit Institute of Arts

463 New Masterpieces Embellish the Detroit Institute of Arts

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The Detroit Institute of Arts has adorned its collection with 463 pieces of art this year in 2020. This has been a significant development following the challenges faced by Detroit’s cultural institution in this year’s summer. An element of diversity has emerged with contributions to DIA’s Native American collection.

Revamped Collection

The Detroit Institute of Arts has acquired the paintings via multiple means. A large section of the artworks were donations and gifts to the museum. The museum also spent $3.5 million from its restricted funds to buy 24 paintings.

The Native American Collection of DIA has received some contributions. Additionally, the recently added work by women artists including Jane Quick-to-see Smith’s mixed media. The acquisitions also feature the stunning works of abstract artist Mavis Pusey and landscape painter Thomas Cole among others.

Upholding Racial Equality

Given the unseemly events of 2020, the artworks affect the diversity factor. According to the racial plurality in artwork and museum workers, US has screened the museums. Director of DIA Salvador Salort-Pons stressed on the need to diversify the museum’s collection.

Salort-Pons stated, “Museum collections are not static; they are dynamic and evolving. We see artworks through new lenses in today’s world. As we work to serve new audiences and create a more inclusive society, it is important to leverage acquisitions to evolve our collection to better mirror our community.”

During the month of November, a new exhibit featuring Detroit’s car culture heritage was launched. It was dedicated to the autoworkers who helped in building this heritage.

About Detroit Institute of Arts

The renowned American citizens in 1885 erected the DIA. The museum was unvieled on September 1st, 1888. Currently, it is situated on Woodward Avenue. The sprawling museum space is about 658,000 square feet. It accommodates over 100 galleries, a reference library, a conservation laboratory and meeting and lecture rooms.

The DIA collection consists of over 65,000 works, including American art. Art from across the world and a period of several centuries live inside the museum. Artworks include Ancient, African, Asian, Oceanic, Native American and Islamic works as well as contemporary and modern art.



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