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European University: Offering Quality Higher Education with Expansive Academic Opportunities

European University

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In the modern world, everything is scrutinized according to standardized parameters, ‘quality’ stands as one of the vital factors of the educational sector. Quality of education determines the stature of an education institute. Moreover, quality assurance is beneficial for the academic and personal development of students. Quality education enables students to develop their attributes and skills for achieving potentiality as members of society. It is, therefore, essential to opt for educational institutions that offer quality education imbibed within an updated curriculum and distinct study programs.

Established in 2013, European University is a development-oriented higher education institution. The university is well incorporated with quality assurance parameters to ensure the quality of higher education to the students. It implies various strategies and employs several approaches to provide a quality-oriented educational experience to its students. European University is located in the capital of Georgia—Tbilisi. It owns two study buildings and a modern dormitory that accommodates up to 500 students. Currently, the university hosts around 9000 international students—most of which pursue medical programs.

Vitalizing Academic Mission

Based on European values, European university is focused on sustainable development. It offers student-centered and quality higher education. The university’s prime mission is training competitive personnel for the local and international employment market, and developing scientific or research and creative activities.

The university encourages active participation and contribution to the formation of the knowledge society and knowledge-based economy in Georgia. It promotes self-realization and creative activities of local and international students and academic staff by developing critical thinking, innovative and academic skills.

European University strives to ensure the collective academic freedom of students and academic staff. Within the framework of social responsibility, it encourages caring for the development of the community, providing lifelong education, promoting tolerance, mutual respect, and intercultural dialogue.

Harboring Educational Values

European University is a constantly updated education institution that seeks to establish itself in the international education market. It harbors the following educational values:

  • Quality Orientation – Ensuring high quality in teaching/learning, scientific and university management activities, as well as in the provision of university services;
  • Orientation to Continuous Development – Aims to contribute to the professional and personal development of the university community. Optimal decisions are made from existing alternatives;
  • Higher Academic Culture – Welcomes and promotes in the principles of academic ethics, mutual respect, support, and collegial relationships in the university environment; and
  • Academic Freedom – The right of academic staff, faculty, and students to conduct teaching, research, and study independently.

European University focuses on promoting intercultural dialogue. It develops an educational space in which every member of the university community feels a full representative of society—irrespective of race, community, ethnicity, and other societal parameters. The university also addresses the needs of different groups of society, with the active involvement of students and staff. It contributes to the development of the country, solving social, economic, and environmental problems.

Extensive Academic Programs

European University institutes Georgian and English language as a mode of teaching and in its educational programs implemented within the faculties. The university has four faculties:

  • Faculty of Business and Technology;
  • Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Faculty of Medicine;
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The university provides four scientific research institutes. These are namely, the Scientific Research Institute of Law; Research Institute for Economic and Social Problems of Globalization; Research Institute of Medicine, and Academician Andria Apakidze Institute of Archeology. International peer-reviewed journals are also published within the institutes. Additionally, a historical-archeological museum has been established within the framework of expeditions that are actively carried out in the university.

Accredited Student Exchange Programs

Focused on European values, European University has close cooperation with about 40 foreign universities. Under its international partnership, the university offers students the opportunity to leverage exchange programs and continue pursuing their education at the university of their choice.

For international students, European University offers English language programs in medicine and dental medicine. These programs are accredited by the Georgian National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement which has recently acquired accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The benefits are manifold such as international recognition of Georgian medical programs and diplomas in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries.

Benefactory Additionalities

European University has been the winner of Erasmus + Jean Monnet activities twice and has successfully implemented EU-funded projects. The university is distinguished by active student life and sports teams with ensembles created at the initiative of students.

To cater to the career requirements and industrial demands of the students, it has established the European University Student and Alumni Service Center with the support of partner organizations. The center provides employment and internship opportunities for the students as well as the alumnus.

Distinct Quality Assurance

European University offers a distinct quality of higher education. At the university, the main values and approaches to quality assurance activities include transparency, publicity, objectivity, reliability, continuity, and validity,

The quality assurance system operates on the principle of planning, implementing, evaluating, and developing. European University ensures adherence to these principles through the quality assurance mechanisms developed at the university. The quality assurance mechanisms involve the continuous evaluation and development of the university’s activities and resources to maintain and improve quality.

To achieve its goals, the Quality Assurance Service cooperates with all structural units and officials of the university along with the academic and visiting staff, students, employers, and other stakeholders.

Transparency and Collective Development

European University is open for cooperation with all stakeholders and develops mutually beneficial connections, both in Georgia and abroad. Any decision made at European University is based on the rights and views of all stakeholders and fair arguments and objective decision-making criteria. Concerning all the processes taking place at the university, it uses open and public approaches that are reflected in the relevant rules, procedures, and decisions.

Moreover, European University prioritizes that all stakeholders are focused on achieving a common goal while equally sharing the main goals, visions, and values of the university as a higher education institution. It encourages the involvement of the staff, students, employers, and other stakeholders in all processes taking place in the educational space—following its competence, interest and rights, and responsibilities.

Envisioning Open Academic Space

In the upcoming years, European University envisions to be an open academic space. It aims to develop modern, well-equipped, comfortable, and adapted educational, scientific, and work infrastructure. The university also strives to maintain financial stability while attracting and effectively retaining highly qualified human resources. It further aims to promote their professional development and self-realization.

European University has and successfully implemented an effective selection of the student contingent. It attracts students mainly through targeted projects and direct communication, continuous work on developing its brand and reputation, and long-term cooperation with reliable partners in both local and international markets.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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