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Storm Area 51

A Facebook Joke “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” Turned Into Reality

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‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’, a Facebook event has invited curious people to enter and know what’s inside the most rumoured Area 51 military base. Invitation to the extraterrestrial highway and set the aliens free! It’s not real but people will go for sure. It’s insane! Actually, the event was posted just to see how many people will respond to the conspiracy and are ready to visit believing that some secret researches are going on with aliens and their UFO technologies in Area 51.

Millions of people are eager to know the fact that if aliens do live inside the American basecamp Area 51 or not. Or maybe Americans do contact with aliens from there? These are some general thoughts around Area 51 that pop-up around conspiracy theories. The Internet is flooded with these kinds of contents. Documentaries based on consecutive historical artifacts and wall imprints as evidence have been watched by millions and the result is here.

An invitation to storm Area 51

Storm Area 51
‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’

Matty Roberts, a 20-year-old college student is behind the plan to storm Area 51. The Facebook event called ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ has invited people for Sept 20-21 weekend visit. The idea was just a joke. The alien thing is more than 2 million people have marked themselves as “attending”, in addition to 1.5 million people who have expressed interest in attending.

Sounds crazy but here’s what attendees should be prepared for an impenetrable Air Force facility complete with guards armed with M4-type weapons, night vision ogles and surface-to-air missiles, said Steve Kardian. As a safety expert Kardian helped Inside Edition to film a 10-minute video segment to answer the question, “What Will Happen if You Try to Storm Area 51.”

The warning before the STORM

Storm Area 51
area 51 armed forces

Steve Kardian has been in law enforcement for 33 years and has trained Navy SEALs and other military personnel. He marked the event a no laughing matter as visitors are going to have real trouble the minute they get within 100 yards of the facility.

“You would likely be approached by a good number of individuals with guns pointed at you, with weaponry, screaming at you to get down on the ground…Even if you did breach the perimeter and get past the armed guards, you would likely have to cross 50 miles before reaching anything top secret, and “the majority will not be visible from the ground,” Kardian said.

Moreover, there is a penalty of 6 months in prison, a $500 fine, or both for trespass a military. Maybe you don’t mind much and say “will see what happens” but…..

What if you managed to wave with the STORM?

Storm Area 51
haphazard attempts

Even if you happened to wander into the Nevada desert and stumbled upon the secret U.S. military base, Area 51, you’d quickly be arrested, killed, or maybe even abducted by aliens. But what if you managed to organize 1 million other people through social media to storm Area 51? The force can’t stop us all right, or can they? And if you did manage to get into the base, what would you see? Secret military technology or perhaps aliens! For decades, it’s been the source of conspiracy theories and now you want to see if any of those theories are true.

Moreover, it becomes a serious matter for the local population of Rachel, Nevada. They are not even thrilled to discover alien, in fact, they worry about the chaos people might bring to Rachel. The town’s official website includes a complaint about “haphazard attempts”. “Law enforcement will be overwhelmed and local residents will step up to protect their property. It could get ugly. Please consider visiting our town another time.”

Vice reports that the joke of the Facebook event has now spurred three supposedly real festivals over the weekend of September 20 – Alienstock, Peacestock51, and Storm Area 51 Basecamp. Basecamp celebration to include appearances by expert speakers, live music, film screenings, food trucks, art installations and more.

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