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False Claims

False claims about COVID-19 vaccinations could suspend your Twitter accounts

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Twitter Inc. stated that the users will be required to remove their tweets regarding false or misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccinations. This initiative was undertaken because of the need to stop the spread of misinformation related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Twitter said in a blog post that the users will be required to take down their tweets consisting of false claims that state the vaccines are “used to intentionally cause harm to or control populations, including statements about vaccines that invoke a deliberate conspiracy.” It has been declared by the company that this will be imposed from December 2.

Twitter initiated banning the “misinformation tweets” following similar pledges from both Facebook and YouTube. This policy of Twitter will also apply to the false claims that proclaim the pandemic is not real or serious and vaccinations are unnecessary. Moreover, tweets about false claims of the adverse effects of receiving COVID-19 vaccines will also be removed. Social media platforms are proliferated because of the misinformation spread about coronavirus and vaccines.

A warning to be issued!

Twitter has also put forth that from the coming year it will be labeling the tweets with a warning. The labels would be—unsubstantiated rumors, disputed claims, as well as incomplete or out-of-context information. The vaccine information tweet which would be damaging enough to warrant removal will be decided by the company. In this decision, the company would be accompanied by public health partners.

Twitter has stated that previously when users were posting false information, the users were asked to remove such tweets. The misleading information could be anything varying from the nature of the coronavirus, the efficacy or safety of preventative measures or treatments to the official regulations, or the risk of infection or death. Earlier if any user was found to be tweeting about this sensitive matter, then the company would hide such tweets and suspend the account.

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