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FarmVille, Which Drove Online Farmers to Facebook, is Ending in 2020

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Thousands of sit-in farmers expressed their heartfelt gratitude

It’s been speculated for weeks that FarmVille may shut down after some rumors surfaced on the internet. However, those rumors end up with legitimate worries. FarmVille, which turned gamers into farmers overnight on Facebook, is coming to an end this year. One of the most addictive games that changed the way gamers looked at games in the early years of Facebook is saying goodbye on December 31, 2020.

FarmVille is an agriculture-simulation social network game developed and published by Zynga in 2009. It is similar to Happy Farm, and Farm Town that features various aspects of farmland management, such as plowing land, planting, growing, and harvesting crops, harvesting trees, and raising livestock. It wasn’t conventionally “exciting” but made people return to their online farms regularly.

Why is FarmVille ending?

FarmVille, one of the original and most loved games on Facebook is shutting down due to the imminent end of Flash Player support, said its developer, Zynga. Adobe Flash Player support on Facebook will end on Dec 31, 2020, and the game will bid Facebook goodbye. Besides three more months of availability, users cannot make in-game purchases using real money after November 17.

On Sept. 26, the official Facebook page of FarmVille announced its closure in a post that read: “Thank you is a small word but when fertilized with love and beautiful memories it means the world to us. So here’s a great BIG THANK YOU for farming with us through it all.”

Showing further gratitude to the gaming community, Zynga said that FarmVille would be available on Facebook till Dec. 31, 2020, following which it will permanently be shut down.

Thousands of fans and players have already expressed their sadness when they learned of the shut down of FarmVille. While others expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the fun and excitement in their lives by the game.

Far from the field, the game’s mobile version, FarmVille 2, will remain unaffected and will run across Android and iOS.

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