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Funeral Homes of dynasties

The Funeral Homes of dynasties and its Discoveries

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The Ancient Kingdoms of disparate dynasties had a fascination for the creation of burial chambers. Each dynasty followed its own methodology. The walls were comprised of paintings and designs. Besides, the burial chamber represented a better status for the individual burials. The chambers, which are made of rock or wood, were used to store the deceased of a single-family or social group and were regularly used for multiple burials over long periods of time.

Egyptians’ Burial chambers

Burials were popular among peoples other than Egyptians. But Egyptians stood out with their lavish decorations. The burial chambers comprised gorgeous artwork, sculptures, wall reliefs, paintings, ornaments, and scepters.

Egyptian tomb art was considered a point of communication between the living and the dead. Egyptians thought that some of the images, paintings, or sculptures in tombs would return to life and accompany the mummified corpse into the afterlife. These included artifacts, paintings, personal possession of the person, or objects such as scepters.

Discovery of Scepters in Burial mound

Apart from burial chambers, there are burial mounds and recently scepters were discovered in them. Mysterious scepters might have been huge drinking straws, used to guzzle large amounts of beer. The gold and silver straws are almost 5,000 years old and measure roughly 3.6 feet (1.1 meters) in length. Researchers believe these straws were used to drink beer from communal pots during banquets to honor the dead.

The elegant straws have pierced metal parts to filter out contaminants in the beer, such as silt or husks, and four of them were embellished with bull figures. The straws were discovered at the Maikop kurgan, a prehistoric burial mound in Russia’s northern Caucasus, along with one of the beer jugs. The vessel was so huge that each of the eight drinkers would have been able to consume seven pints.

Well, who would have thought that the funeral home had scepters and a tradition of drawing paintings? Besides, the diversity of the dynasties is what makes them unique and assists one in witnessing unbelievable discoveries.

I believe that the burial chambers or tombs are the oldest. Furthermore, the Egyptians’ habit of adorning chamber walls and honoring the deceased is an unusual methodology, which appears tranquil and soothing.

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