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Excellence in the Heart Treatment Award for Charles Regional Medical Center

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Award for consistent maintaining of good quality

Stroke Honor Roll Elite Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award of American Heart Association/American Stroke Association was won by the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center. The award is for the excellent work of the medical facility in ensuring full care of the patient who had suffered and providing appropriate treatment, which is nationally verified and follows scientific research-based guidelines.

The facility was awarded because of the top level of professionalism and skills showcases while handling complicated heart issues. This included appropriate diagnosis, medication, and treatment that are as per the standards and the guidelines. The main objective is the patient’s quick recovery and reducing the rate of death and disability in case of stroke. Before leaving the hospital the patients will be briefed about health and measures to effectively change the condition, the doctors regularly set up the follow-up visit to ensure the patient is alright.

Following the established guidelines

In addition to that, the hospital has also won the StrokeSM Elite Honor Roll Award. To be even considered for the award the hospitals have to strictly adhere the guidelines to decrease the duration the arrival of the patient in the hospital to the treatment with clot-buster tissue plasminogen activator, the drug that treats ischemic stroke and only one that has the approval of the US Food and Drugs Administration.

As per the data that is with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association the stroke is number five in the list of main causes of death and disability among adult Americans. In the US every 40 seconds somebody suffers from a stroke. About 795, 000 people suffer from recurring or a new stroke every year.




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