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ICADE – School of Economics and Business Administration: Preparing Future-Ready Leaders for a Globalized World


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Comillas Pontifical University, run by the Society of Jesus, is a Catholic institution known for its unique educational approach. Founded in 1890, Comillas promotes interdisciplinary learning, enabling a seamless exchange of ideas across various disciplines.The ICADE School of Economics & Business Administration exemplifies this philosophy, providing business education rooted in humanities.

Since its establishment in 1956, ICADE has evolved into a premier business school in Spain. National and international organizations such as the Spanish Ministry of Education’s National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation (ANECA) and the AACSB have accredited the school. With over 3,300 students and a distinguished faculty, ICADE stands out. Professors at ICADE intertwine the complexities of economics and finance with humanistic inquiry, merging their expertise with philosophy, ethics, and history. This unique approach enriches the learning environment, equipping graduates with the adaptability to tackle the intricacies of the contemporary world.

ICADE’s primary mission aligns closely with Comillas University’s pursuit of excellence and societal impact: to cultivate competent, conscientious, critical, and compassionate business leaders who are equipped to transform the world.

The institute concentrates on three key areas: enhancing teaching quality, fostering societal engagement, and propelling research. This involves supporting faculties in honing their skills, expanding course offerings, and backing research initiatives. Moreover, the school assists students in exploring global opportunities, strategizing their career paths, and even launching their businesses.

A Comprehensive Curriculum with a Global Perspective

ICADE provides a well-rounded curriculum aimed at equipping students for prosperous business careers. The school’s flagship program is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), offered either as a standalone degree or combined with Law, International Relations, Psychology, Gastronomy, and Industrial Engineering in a double degree format. In addition, ICADE presents a Bachelor’s in Business Analytics, which students can pair with degrees in Telecommunications Engineering, Law, and International Relations.

Understanding the increasing significance of international business, ICADE offers its programs in both English and Spanish. The school conducts 70% of its instruction in English, accommodating a diverse international student body. For the BBA and Bachelor in Business Analytics programs, students can choose instruction in either English or Spanish. The school further broadens its international appeal through a network of established partnerships with prestigious business schools in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, and Germany. These collaborations provide students with the opportunity to pursue dual BBA degrees.

Empowering Education: Admissions & Financial Aid

The ICADE School of Economics & Business Administration admits students based on a thorough assessment of their academic credentials and performance in entrance exams. The school equally weighs academic history and entrance exam scores, accounting for 50% each. These results are then used to create a ranking system that streamlines the admissions process. Notably, the school accepts the CLT exam as an alternative to other entrance exams, thereby accommodating international students.

Understanding its students’ financial needs, ICADE provides a generous scholarship program. The university allocates considerable resources for both partial and full scholarships. A dedicated department manages these scholarships, evaluating applications to ensure that financial limitations do not obstruct a student’s educational journey at ICADE.

Collaborative Learning Environment with Renowned Faculty

ICADE upholds a student-faculty ratio of 39:1, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This ratio facilitates personalized attention and regular interaction between students and professors. The school prioritizes faculty members who stay at the cutting edge of their fields. Moreover, ICADE emphasizes recent scientific contributions and professional engagement when it comes to hiring and promoting full-time professors.

Every full-time faculty member holds a doctoral degree, ensuring a high level of knowledge and expertise. ICADE also expects part-time professors to have substantial professional experience in their respective fields, considering a PhD or DBA as a valuable addition. These standards ensure that students receive instruction from distinguished faculty who stay updated with the latest business trends and developments.

The ICADE Experience: A Lively Campus Life in a Prime Location

Beyond academics, ICADE cultivates a vibrant campus life filled with cultural activities. Students can participate in seminars, conferences, and competitions directly related to their degree programs. The school further enriches student life with activities spanning the arts, literature, music, and film.

Situated in an urban setting, ICADE’s campus is easily accessible via metro and bus. This location allows students to immerse themselves in the vibrant city life of Madrid. Beyond the on-campus library, gym, and cafeteria, students can delve into the city’s rich cultural offerings.

A Diverse and Inclusive Learning Environment

ICADE’s campus thrives on the peaceful coexistence of diverse individuals. It welcomes all students, irrespective of their place of origin, race, religion, or gender. The school’s doors are open to anyone who successfully passes the entrance examinations.

Unlike some institutions, ICADE doesn’t impose regulatory quotas. Instead, it prides itself on being an open and receptive university. It sees diversity not as a challenge but as an opportunity for mutual enrichment.

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Comillas Pontifical University has recently initiated numerous activities in entrepreneurship, a key area. This includes a formative and experiential itinerary designed to educate students. Here are just a few of the most significant activities:

The university offers a specialized diploma, an academic title that all students can pursue upon completing their academic period. Moreover, the BBA program includes several Management courses that focus solely on entrepreneurship. These courses provide students with the opportunity to develop their own business ideas for their final degree project.

In addition, the university invites all students to participate in a competition sponsored by various partner companies. It also maintains a dedicated space for alumni startups in their initial stages. This initiative receives support from a network of entrepreneurial alumni.

Presently, an alumni association has organized an investment day. This event serves as a meeting point for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem associated with Comillas.

From Exploration to Employment: ICADE’s Career Launchpad

ICADE boasts a comprehensive Career Development Department. This department proactively guides students and arranges various meetings with companies as well as industry-specific events. These opportunities create a pathway for students to interview with potential employers, thus opening doors to the job market.

Beyond these initiatives, the department offers personalized guidance tailored to individual preferences. It aids students in shaping their resumes, ensuring they effectively showcase their skills and experiences.

In a Nutshell

ICADE, a business school with a robust legacy, has adeptly navigated changing times through innovation and sustained excellence in teaching, student support, and scholarly culture. This commitment to excellence continues to draw young talent from around the world.

The comprehensive ecosystem at ICADE aims to offer international students an exceptional educational experience. It extends the same benefits that Spanish students relish from Comillas’ top-notch ecosystem in Madrid. These benefits encompass access to intriguing internships, employment opportunities, and connections with Ibex-35 business leaders.

Furthermore, ICADE’s partnerships with leading international entities augment the educational experience it provides. In conclusion, ICADE delivers a top-tier educational experience for candidates, establishing itself as a prime choice for business education.


“We want to make the world a better place, and we want you to be the main character.”

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