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International Business School: A Perfect Blend of Intercultural Education

International Business School

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In 1976, a group of Oxford academics founded a private university, which became the first independent university in the United Kingdom. The University of Buckingham is one of the highest ranked universities in the UK in terms of graduate employability and teaching quality. International Business School works in close cooperation with this prestigious British institution and together they produce flexible, motivated business people who perform efficiently and think adaptively in the challenging environment of global business.

In 1991, International Business School opened its gates for the students who were interested in studying business in English. IBS started with a vision to be a regionally acknowledged, multiply accredited, multi-country provider of higher education services for a highly international and mobile student body, interested in the frontier areas of business and management.

Attracting Professionals from Around the World

In 1997, IBS received its institutional accreditation. It became a recognized private college in Hungary, with the right to issue Hungarian college degrees (Bachelor’s degrees) besides the English degrees. The first degrees were awarded in 1995. Currently, IBS attracts students from over a 100 countries on 5 continents and therefore offers a truly international campus for students seeking a global experience. The curriculum is practice-based and delivery is in small groups which make IBS an ideal learning place for those who aim for a more personalised higher education experience. Besides the popular British master’s and bachelor’s programmes, IBS now offers high level MBA and PhD programmes that attract professionals from all over the world.

Emphasising on Developing Skills

Times have changed in terms of what companies require from an employee. As more tools are available to deal with customisable tasks, people who have critical thinking and analytical skills become more valuable. Today, majority of the companies are looking for students with problem solving skills and creative ideas. Being a private international university, IBS quickly adapts to the needs of a constantly changing international market and modifies its academic programmes accordingly. The product and business development of the university focuses on key emerging skills and knowledge needed for employers. It offers programmes that deal with big data analysis and IT coding as well as general business modules that are kept up to date with real-life case studies and professional lecturers from the field of management.

Practice-Based Curriculum

Providing a proper program with an understanding of the future as well as the present aspects of the world is equally important. For an international school such as IBS, it is vital to keep track on the factors effecting business and other current issues related to it. With the evolution of the world, the programs associated with them should also evolve. Understanding the pattern, IBS is constantly working on new programmes that answer to the fast pace of changing business environments. Managing and leading people and systems is becoming more and more complex and quick reaction time is crucial. Not just deep knowledge, but skills are needed to get ahead with a career and they believe that these skills only come with practice. The practice-based curriculum is enhanced with a sophisticated skill development programme called UpSkill which enables students to develop their employability skills during their university studies.

A Guiding Light for the Students

Originally a lawyer, Bálint Nagy concluded his PhD at Eötvös Loránd University. In his dissertation, he focused on the evolution and history of marketing in Hungary. He has been nominated several times as jury member at well-known international and Hungarian marketing and creative competitions. His main research interests lie in the societal impacts of marketing, corporate identity, branding, sponsorship and responsible marketing and marketing history, media development, creativity in advertising. Currently, he is full-time tutor and an admittance interviewer of students at IBS Budapest. Bálint quotes “Marketing is comparable to nuclear power, you not only have to be extremely skilled and experienced but have responsible thinking to keep it under control.”

Offering Quality Education

Understanding the economic and cultural relevance, IBS promotes English-language business and management-related education to the people who can benefit from it. IBS offers British quality very affordably compared to other universities. It believes in diversity and fairness in all areas and offering a one-of-a-kind experience due to the internationality of the student body. They are strongly convinced that students from different backgrounds can learn as much from the interaction with each other than from the study programmes, and making friends all over the world will be an asset for a lifetime. They focus on enhancing learning experience, building confidence and creating opportunity for all the students who choose to invest in their education. They also value creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence, as well as the potential of every person. The expertise and commitment of the staff, partnerships form strong and enduring collaborations.

IBS believes in giving everyone a chance regardless of their background, however, they look for students who are open and communicate well. IBS offers interactive classes in small groups, and they are looking for people who are willing to share their experience and don’t hide in the back of the classroom taking notes. Bálint states, “The more you come forward, the more you evolve, and we would like you to gain confidence along with the knowledge we give you by the time you graduate.”

Treating Alumni as Top Priority

IBS provides a wide range of programs allowing students from every country in the world to be the part of the business school. It takes pride in knowing that according to its alumni, the university has not just given them an education, but an “IBS experience”, which means an open and tolerant view of the world, a network and an unforgettable study abroad experience as well.

To maintain the ‘human’ capital IBS treats its Alumni community as top priority. IBS is very proud that every third graduate is an Alumni member, which is a very high rate considering that almost 50% of the students come from abroad. Graduates from IBS can be found in almost every country in the world, which provides enormous networking possibilities.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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