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Online Formative Assessment

Istation Approved To Provide Online Formative Assessment At Grade Level

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Ohio Department of Education approves Istationin state’s to ensure all students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade

Dallas-based education technology leader Istation has been approved as a K-3 early reading diagnostic assessment vendor for the Ohio Department of Education for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Early Reading assessment is an online formative assessment designed to –

  • identify children at risk of reading difficulties.
  • provide automatic continuous progress monitoring of skills that are predictors of later reading success.
  • provide the immediate and automatic linkage of data to student learning needs, which facilitate differentiated instruction.

How Istation’s ISIP assessment tool will support students

  • The assessment will address state standards in reading foundations, reading comprehension, language, and listening to ensure all students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade.
  • It will support Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, the state’s program to identify students from kindergarten through grade three who are behind in reading.
  • It will measure students’ growth with engaging, computer-adaptive diagnostic and screening programs.
  • The collected assessment will provide dataso that teachers and students both know which specific skills need to improve and give them a map of how to improve those skills.

Richard H. Collins, Istation Chairman and CEO said, “We are proud to be named as a vendor to provide computerized reading assessments which are efficient and easy to administer for elementary school students in the state of Ohio.” “Istation’s individualized assessment may be used as both a universal screening and a progress-monitoring tool, as it is predictive of future academic success,”  he stated.

With ISIP, an entire class can be assessed in 30 to 40 minutes. Following the assessment, the program immediately generates reports that educators can use to guide instruction and intervention. A pair of recent studies has shown that Istation’s reading assessments accurately predict how students will perform on end-of-instruction tests.

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