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Jenzabar Fuels Higher Education Industry’s Digital Transformation to the Cloud

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More than 30 colleges, universities, and technical schools have opted unified student information system

Jenzabar has announced its continued effort to spur digital transformation across higher education following the launch of a new brand. The Company has renewed its focus on enabling institutional and student success through technology. 2019 was a watershed year for the company where more than 30 colleges, universities, and technical schools have selected either its unified student information system or ERP solution.

In 2019, the company created new partnerships, expanded numerous client engagements, enhanced its Jenzabar One and Jenzabar SONIS solutions. The Company later unveiled a new brand that ensures institutions can use technology to prioritize student engagement and success.

This past year, we unveiled our new brand, which renewed our focus on building and maintaining strategic partnerships with higher education institutions that want to progress with their digital transformation and enable better experiences across campus,” said Ling Chai, President and CEO of Jenzabar.

Accelerated Educational Momentum Highlights Rising Demand for Cloud

It has been observed that many higher education institutions are moving to the cloud solution as part of their digital transformation initiatives. In the months between October and December 2019, Grove City College, Mid-Plains Community College, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Ranken Technical College, and State Technical College of Missouri selected Jenzabar One for their various transformation initiatives.

Jenzabar One is a powerful suite of cloud-ready solutions that enable higher education institutions to modernize operations, improve student outcomes, and drive institutional success.

Product Updates Enable Greater Agility for Institutions

The Company unveiled Analytics, an innovative offering that empowers higher education institutions with aggregate and store complex data in the cloud and turns it into actionable intelligence and insight. With Jenzabar Analytics, higher education institutions can enable data-driven decision-making to increase agility, improve performance, and identify new avenues for success.

Previous;y, Jenzabar One was updated with new self-service capabilities, enhanced academic planning functionality, and a new user interface, which includes improvements to usability, accessibility, and consistency across the ERP suite. In addition, Jenzabar SONIS was updated with new functionality that enhances workflow, ease of use, and international capabilities.

New Brand Tackles Higher Education Digital Transformation

The Company launched a new brand in 2019 to address its renewed focus on leveraging higher education institutions’ momentum with digital transformation initiatives and migration to the cloud. The new brand conveys Jenzabar’s vision of transforming and modernizing traditional higher education models and creating new opportunities for institutions to support a new generation of learners.

Going forward, Jenzabar will continue to forge new strategic partnerships and strengthen existing relationships with higher education institutions that are looking to evolve alongside the increasingly intense demands from students and users.”

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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