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Goucher College

Johns Hopkins and Goucher College announce New Dual Degree Program

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More Edge to Students at Liberal Art College

John Hopkins Carey Business School and Goucher College have recently announced a new dual degree program aimed at giving students at the liberal arts college more of an edge as they enter the job market. The new 4+1 program allows students at Goucher the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree followed by a Master of Science degree from Hopkins in five years. It also seeks to complement eight new measures added to Goucher’s curriculum earlier this year. 

After finishing their undergraduate work at Goucher, including two graduate courses during senior year, students enrolled in the program will transition fully to graduate level course at Hopkins. There, they can chose from a master’s degree in business analytics and risk management, information systems, healthcare management, finance, or marketing. Students who pursue the new degree program will be charged a reduced tuition rate for the program at Hopkins. 

Strengthening the Century-long Academic Alliance

“This new partnership strengthens the century long academic alliance between our two distinguished institutions. This new 4+1 program, along with the eight new innovative undergraduate majors that Goucher recently launched, offers students a distinctive educational edge, enhanced value and the opportunity to make a strong impact after graduation,” said Kent Devereaux, President of the Goucher College. Students at Goucher and Hopkins were already able to take select classes at each of the institutions as part of their undergraduate studies. 

The new opportunity is a strategic blend of each school’s specialties, said Alexander Triantis, Dean of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. The new program speaks to a more recent mission taken up by Goucher and other institutions across the state, proving the value of the liberal arts degree. Enrollment at many liberal arts colleges has fallen in recent years, leading to new programming and in some cases, lowered tuition. 

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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