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10 Largest statues in the world that Signify Unity

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Across the globe, the art of statuary represents and pays homage to influential figures and deities in every culture and religion. Such statues represent the country’s or a particular region’s achievements, identity, and pride. It helps to promote the local tourism industry and encourages people to be proud of their ethnicity. In this blog, you will read about the 10 largest statues in the world to flourish your sense of belonging, pride, and unity.

No Name Of StatueLocation
1 Statue of Unity Narmada District, Gujarat, India
2 Spring Temple Buddha Lushan County, Henan, China
3 Laykyun Sekka Khatakan Taung, near Mon
4 Statue of Belief Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India
5 Ushiku Daibutsu Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan
6 Sendai Daikannon Sendai, Japan
7 Guishan Guanyin Ningxiang, Hunan, China
8 Great Buddha of Thailand Ang Thong, Thailand
9 Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park Hokkaido Island, Japan
10 Mother of All Asia–Tower of Peace Barangay Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines

1. Statue of Unity

Location: Narmada District, Gujarat, India

Year of Construction: 2018

Dimensions: Height: Statue: 182 meters

Base: 240 meters

The Statue of Unity is among the largest statues in the world. It depicts India’s famous freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on the bank of the river Narmada, opposite Sardar Sarovar. Currently, it is the tallest statue in the world and is divided into 5 zones. The first zone includes the base, museum, and memorial garden. The second zone reaches up to the thighs of Patel’s statue.

2. Spring Temple Buddha


Location: Lushan County, Henan, China

Year of Construction: 2008

Dimensions: Height: 128 meters

 Base: 208 meters

The Spring Temple Buddha is the second tallest statue in the world which represents Vairocana Buddha. It stands on the lotus-shaped throne within the Fodushan Scenic Area. The estimated cost of statue construction was $18 million and it derives its name from the nearby Tianrui hot spring.

3. Laykyun Sekka


Location: Khatakan Taung, near Monywa, Myanmar

Year of Construction: 2008

Dimensions: Height: 116 meters                     

 Base: 129.2 meters

The Laykyun Sekkya is a standing statue of Gautama Buddha in a golden color. It stands on a 13.5-meters throne next to the reclining statue of Gautama Buddha. The reclining Buddha depicts the scene of Mahaparinirvana (that marks the death of the Buddha).

4. Statue of Belief


Location: Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India

Year of Construction: 2022

Dimensions: Height: 112 meters                     

  Base: 34 meters

The statue of belief is the fourth largest statue in the world. It is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, holding the trishula in the left hand. The statue depicts Lord Shiva in a sitting position that can be seen from 20 km away. Its interior consists of an exhibition hall and public viewing galleries.

5. Ushiku Daibutsu


Location: Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan

Year of Construction: 1993

Dimensions: Height: 110 meters                     

Base: 120 meters

Ushiku Daibutsu is positioned on the lotus platform and currently is among the top five largest statues in the world. It portrays Amitabha Buddha (the Buddha of Eternal Life) and was constructed with the help of bronze material. It was assembled to celebrate the birth of Shinran, founder of the “True Pure Land School” of Buddhism.

6. Sendai Daikannon


Location: Sendai, Japan

Year of Construction: 1991

Dimensions: Height: 100 meters                     

Sendai Daikannon is a gem-bearing Nyoirin Kannon (form of Kannon) statue. It is among the largest statues of the goddess in Japan. The statue illustrates the manifestation of Bodhisattva Kannon. It is popular as Byakue Kannon which means ‘White-robed Kannon’.

7. Guishan Guanyin


Location: Ningxiang, Hunan, China

Year of Construction: 2009

Dimensions: Height: 99 meters

The Guishan Guanyin of the Thousand Hands and Eyes is the fourth-largest statue in China and the seventh-largest in the world. That statue is a gilded bronze monument found at Miyin Temple, a Chan Buddhist temple. It depicts a manifestation of the Bodhisattva Guanyin that is associated with compassion.

8. Great Buddha of Thailand


Location: Ang Thong, Thailand

Year of Construction: 2008

Dimensions: Height:  92 meters

The Great Buddha of Thailand also known as The Big Buddha is the second tallest statue in South-East Asia. It is painted a golden color and constructed with concrete material. The posture in which Buddha is seated is known as Maravijaya Attitude. One hand is in a relaxed position and another is on the lap.

9. Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park


Location: Hokkaido Island, Japan

Year of Construction: 1989

Dimensions: Height: 88 meters

The Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park or the Hokkaido Kannon is the third largest statue in Japan. It depicts Buddha in Guanyin’s position (East Asian representation of Avalokiteśvara). The project consists of 20 floors with elevators, shrines, places for worship, and a platform providing panoramic views for visitors. 

10. Mother of All Asia–Tower of Peace

Mother-of-All Asia–Tower-of-Peace

Location: Barangay Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines

Year of Construction: 2014

Dimensions: Height: 96 meters

Mother of All Asia–Tower of Peace is a shrine of the Virgin Mary, located in a five-hectare pilgrimage site called Montemaria in the Philippines. The monument is made up of concrete and steel. It consists of 12 Marian chapels on the third floor, a food hall on the fourth floor, two mini theaters on the fifth floor, etc.

Finishing Thoughts

Thus, we conclude the list of the largest statues in the world that you should know about. Each of them has a tale of history behind its construction and represents the finest examples of architecture. If you get a chance to see any of these 10 largest statues in the world, be sure to grab them.

Trupti Munde

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