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Special Education Classrooms

LDDC Extends New Law to Promote Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

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Key Highlights:

  • The Louisiana Council plans to extend the law to promote the installation of cameras in special education classrooms on request of a parent
  • The council will soon hold a meeting to discuss about the potential legislation ahead of next year’s legislative session
  • The law is being implemented to support special needs kids in case of an emergency

ACT 456 of Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Act

The Louisiana Developmental Disability Council is planning to expand the law to mandate the installation of classroom cameras for special needs kids. After the 2021 session, ACT 456 of the “Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Act” became a law that states that schools must create policies on cameras in special education classrooms at the request of a parent. The Louisiana Developmental Disability Council is planning to arrange a meeting about potential legislation.

Implementation of Law for Special Needs Kids

The law has been implemented keeping in mind the safety of special needs kids. The camera will be used to observe students that can be useful in case of any emergency.

In such cases, if the cameras are installed in the classrooms, parents can request footage of that day to identify the cause or trigger of the situation. This can be useful in handling the situation after the incident and even prevent a recurrence.

Stephanie Krielow, who is an educator for special kids and parent of a 12-year-old Autistic child, stresses the importance of cameras in special education class. Her son who is Autistic stops communicating in case of trauma or encountering an overwhelming situation. There are many more kinds of cases where cameras can prove to be very useful. It acts as a safety blanket that can help in identifying and assisting kids in providing the support they require.

Senator Franklin Foil out of Baton Rouge authored the bill. Regarding the funding, Senator said that “We did not appropriate state funding because there was no direct state funding available, but we put in the act, that you can use federal money, state money, local money, or even private money through foundations, and so forth”.

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